Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 30 November 2023

Last status can be found at: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 23 November 2023


Short week, only 3 days.




  • hiring
  • Pebble networking discussions
  • engagement survey
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  • Update to newest upstream release in Noble
  • Test security updates for Jammy, Lunar


  • Merged new Debian version


  • Prepare merge from Debian. This was obsoleted by an new Debian version this week which can be simply synced (LP 2045145)


  • Prepare merge from Debian


  • Prepare merge from Debian. Starting systemd service currently fails. This needs further analysis.

RISC-V profiles

  • Started work on specifications how we want to adapt to upcoming RISC-V profiles.


  • Review submissions


  • Working on Snap packaging .NET SDK
  • Attended weekly .NET partners sync meeting


  • Working on python-launchpadlib vs python3-defaults proposed migration
  • Investigating removal of kernel-wedge package dependency from its reverse dependencies
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Back yesterday after a couple of weeks of PTO:

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Short week with holiday last week.


  • Uploaded systemd-hwe SRU for Jammy, Lunar, Mantic (LP: #2044431)
  • Uploaded systemd-hwe to Noble
  • Sponsored sbuild merge for @waveform
  • Sponsored acpid merge for @xypron
  • Working on cdebconf and coreutils merges
  • Wrote prototype systemd generators for socket activated sshd
  • Reviewed @juliank python-apt changes
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  • Investigation into accessing private swift results for @sil2100.
  • Submitted an MP updating the autopkgtest-cloud documentation.
  • Investigation into issues with our armhf test runners.
  • Reviewed a couple of MPs from @andersson123.


  • Submitted a firewall MP for the new apache server hosting the rls-** reports.
  • SRU shift.


  • Coordinating a release date for 22.04.4.
  • Attended DMB meeting.
  • Catching up after having been in and out for a couple of weeks.
  • Reviewing candidate applications.
  • Conducted an interview.
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Short week after PTO

  • working through email backlog
  • internalizing a serious git-ubuntu merge for busybox, and doing the archaeology to make that interesting
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Ubuntu Packaging Guide:

  • PR #43: Adopt the docs Starter Pack
  • WIP: Spell-check fixes of the entire guide
  • WIP: Inclusive language updates of the entire guide
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  • Finished preliminary packaging of the rustup Snap (currently made private by the previous owner)
  • Fixed an error in the re-spinned rust-bindgen-0.65 package
  • Currently working on transitioning to the versioned packages
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  • Sent patch to grub upstream to revert removal of version comparison functions for 2.12 release temporarily, such that upgrades just warn instead of breaking grub-mkconfig
  • Boot backlog triage with Mate
  • First “complete” set of deb822 software-properties support patches in review (really almost all work in python-apt). Need to still finish analysing review from @enr0n (thank you!). Still need to write the test cases and do some squashing I suppose. Will upload either state on Monday, not uploading this over the weekend lol.
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  • Working on libcamera-apps rpicam-apps packaging, including updated libcamera and libpisp packages (LP: #2020101)
  • … which also required looking into current state of libcamera on Pi 5 (answer: not working yet, despite rebuilt packages from upstream main with pi main patches; missing kernel bits?)
  • Investigating reports of IQaudIO DAC+ not operating on Pi 5 (nothing obvious missing so far; will attempt to replicate next)
  • Investigated delta of libcec for @ginggs (our current delta can be dropped, but we probably need a new one for KMS support); will handle merge this pulse
  • Merged sbuild … again, after oh so many minor screw-ups (LP: #2044261)
  • Minor changes on the classic branch of pi-gadget for @upils (related to edge changes in ubuntu-image)
  • Sponsored u-boot-nezha merge for @xypron (LP: #2043687)
  • Take home tests … oh, so many take home tests.
  • The return of Dave’s Cantankerous-Rent-A-Pi service for @pushkarnk
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  • Unblocked the mold linker migration on Noble
  • Started investigating the proposed migration exuses for libio-prompter-perl. It turned out to be a bunch of MIRs LP#2042100


  • A few minor fixes on netplan diff and now it’s merged PR#386
  • Access-points parsing SRU completed LP#1809994
  • EAP/PSK password workarounds merged PR#416
  • Working on the integration of netplan status with the new state diff feature.
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Patch pilot


  • Updated to determine the list of package to analyze for armhf time_t.
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Armhf 64-bit time_t analysis

  • more work to speed up the analysis
  • fixes to the script
  • fixes to the package list
  • new environment setup with debian unstable
  • actually running the analysis again


  • some more stuff related to the issues with -fstack-clash-protection on armhf
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  • continue dotnet6 MIR
  • attended MIR meeting
  • working on LP: #2032945: Integrate minimal smoke-test during build-time
  • working on dotnet8 backport to jammy
  • investigated dotnet package design/structure

Packaging Guide

  • working on including an Ubuntu Release reference
  • reviewed PR #43: Adopt Starter Pack config
  • opened PR #45: Re-add config entries removed with #43
  • investigating missing packages for deb packaging


  • working on Merge inetutils 2:2.4-3


  • working on a release timeline tool
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Java 21 migration (3 more MRs):

FIPS-provider prototype - added new functionality for


  • Proposed migration bug for python-werkzeug failure due to python3-defaults upgrade. Got some time on a Pi (thanks to @waveform) and ran the autopkgtests a few times. Couldn’t repro the failure.
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  • Merge kmod 30+20230601-2
  • Fix abydos failing tests with Python 3.12


  • Continue drafting Go compiler update strategy in stable release
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  • Working on the merge for python-secretstorage, which will probably end up as a sync LP# 2045082
  • Proposed changes to python-launchpadlib due to the above LP# 2041695


  • Drafted a spec for improved bug reporting via apport
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