Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 07 December 2023

Last status can be found at: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 30 November 2023

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  • Lots of hiring
  • Pulse planning
  • More pebble networking discussions
  • Town hall
  • public spec review FO141
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  • PR # 165 - Improve spread tests
    • improve spread tests to have a better confidence the tool is working properly before a new release
    • WIP
  • PR # 166 - Fix the resume feature
    • merged
  • PR # 170 - Bundle e2fsprogs and associated configuration with ubuntu-image
    • in review
  • PR # 171 - Fix alternative providers support
    • reviewed and merged
  • PR # 172 - Fix removing of PPAs done before packages intallation
    • in review
  • PR # 173 - # Keep but truncate /etc/machine-id
    • in review


  • more work on the imagecraft.yaml file
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  • (Out on Thursday) Last week +1 (please see ubuntu-devel archive for full report)
    • Investigated libvpx7, simde, tiledarray, phpmyadmin, pesign, etc FTBFS
    • Upstramed efivar delta to Debian and synced it
    • Other misc syncs and universe merges
  • Various GRUB2 bugs (e.g. LP#2043995 and previous SRU verification)
  • Working on anticipated updates to boot components
  • Fixed bugs in and improved bootloader testing framework
  • Bug fixes in systemd-stub multi-DTB support
  • Fontconfig merge and +1 follow ups (this week)
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  • more NVMe-o-TCP work
    • spec work
    • have just started working on a prototype with /home residing on NVMe-o-TCP storage
    • so far no success trying to get existing POCs to work on the hardware I have at home


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Armhf 64-bit time_t analysis

  • lots of work on the script
  • dumps now contain apt logs along with abi-compliance-checker input and output files
  • all files created now have unique names/paths
  • added logic to skip already dumped or failed or skipped or known-uninstallable packages when doing the ABI dumps
  • created scripts to do the ABI diffs, possibly on a machine that wasn’t used for the dumps, and possibly parallelized
  • fixed the analysis for a few dozen packages: r-(cran|bioc)-* (missing dep and -I flag) and skip gnustep/objc packages
  • massaged the script until it managed to attempt dumping the ABI of every 5500 package from our list
  • reverted to assuming there is always enough memory to run every dump in parallel and set up zram locally for that to be true on a pi5
  • TODO: commit and upload that; start the dump step again
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FIPS-provider prototype

Added new implementations for

  • Signatures
  • Key Derivations
  • Fixed a few memory leaks
    This completes an initial iteration of creating a C-wrapper around the openssl EVP API, something that is closer to the Java API.


  • Proposed migration bug - python3-defaults vs. python-werkzeug - concluded.


  • Attended the Red Hat DevNation conference in Bangalore
  • Published the pending internal blog posts
  • Adoptium: looked into a Temurin packaging issue
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Ubuntu Packaging Guide:

  • PR #46: Pass the pyspelling spell check
  • PR #47: Add CI checks on PRs

Netplan docs:

  • WIP: Pyspelling spellcheck on the entire docs set
  • WIP: Doxygen config fixes for API docs generation
  • WIP: Adopt Starter Pack config for the docs set
  • WIP: Add CI check (linkcheck) & unify existing checks w/ Docs Starter Pack
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  • lots of hiring
  • a few merges&sync where the automation says I’m TIL (I’m regretting all those OpenSSL-related rebuilds now…)
  • Looking into several glibc papercuts in preparation of the upcoming test rebuild
  • Apport reviews
  • Hacked on our lp-to-jira-sync tool to better fit the workflows for big packages.
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PTO last Friday


  • Investigated lots of upgrade bugs, and decided with @juliank we need to make sure phased updates are always used during upgrade
  • Talked with @bdmurray about LP bot that does lots of automation around patches and subscribing appropriate teams
  • systemd v255 released, so going to merge systemd from Debian


  • Reviewed take home test
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neovim, lua-nvim

  • Fix cyclic dependency on riscv64 to provide first build


  • analyze why service is not installable in upgraded package

reduce boottime on StarFive VisionFive 2

  • Avoid a 2.5 min delay if only one network interface is connected
  • Update livecd-rootfs


  • review written interviews
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  • Merged curl 8.5 but the ldap related autopkgtes is segfaulting (also in Debian). I’ll try to look at it next week.
  • Proposed to move libgitlab-api-v4-perl to Suggest in devscripts so we could demote it (and also libio-prompter-perl) to universe and unblock libio-prompter-perl proposed migration MR#375.


  • Implemented and prepared a demo of netplan status --diff and reached out to the UX team for evaluation. There is a PPA here.
  • Adding support for Network Manager MAC address generation on libnetplan
  • Worked on a small fix for netplan diff related to how routes we don’t want to compare are filtered out PR#426
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Patch pilot

Patch pilot shift: Patch Pilot Hand-off 24.04 - #31 by bdrung

proposed migration

  • Add Python 3.12 support (for distro-info test suite):
    • Update pycodestyle to 2.11.1-1 (and run upstream’s test suite during build and autopkgtest)
    • Update pyflakes to 3.1.0-1
    • Update python-flake8 to 6.1.0-1 (and run upstream tests during autopkgtest)


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4 day week

  • patch pilot
  • planning a new bug triage process for Subiquity because our queue is getting ugly
  • greenhouse
  • reviews
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  • Go 1.21.5 & 1.20.12 release. Update Debian package, FIPS PPA and snap.
  • Review Golang FIPS user guide.
  • Revise patch to fix golang-1.21 FTBFS on armhf & ppc64el on Xenial.
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  • Take home tests
  • Responded to comments on livecd-rootfs MR
  • Responded to comments on oem-config-prepare MR (LP: #2038098)
  • Added a cloud-init PR to handle apt install on first boot after clock sync (actually did this weeks ago, but forgot to include it in the updates!) (LP: #1951639)
  • Discussion of armhf baseline for noble
  • Investigating pi-bluetooth PR for @ogra (currently in edge, but issues upgrading – still working on this)
  • Working on power daemon for Pi 5
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  • Fixed lazr.restfulclient Python 3.12 error and submitted patch upstream
    • Upstream MP
    • Patch has also been picked up in Debian with version 0.14.5-2.
    • Waiting for update to go through in Debian in order to sync to Ubuntu
  • Merged newt 0.52.24-1
    • Converted it to git-ubuntu in the process


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  • Investigation into issues with our armhf test runners discovered that multiple arm64 instances, with armhf containers, were OOM’ing.
  • Cleaned up leftover armhf service files on the autopkgtest-lxd-cloud-worker unit.
  • Reviewed @skia’s graphviz MP for the autopkgtest environment.
  • Submitted an RT regarding latency between PS5 and bos02.scalingstack which is affecting the armhf test runners.
  • After the above was resolved used retry-autopkgtest-regressions to requeue failed armhf tests with ‘only running operations can be connected’, ‘context deadline exceeded’, or ‘Error dial tcp’ in the log files.
  • Submitted a bug regarding errors (only running operations can be connected) seen in log files for the armhf test runner services.
  • Submitted a bug regarding errors (context deadline) seen in log files for the armhf test runner services.
  • Removed juju units from the prod-proposed-migration environment (this is supposed to just be amd64 test runners) which is not the prod-proposed-migration-environment.
  • Removed some obsolete (package versions no longer available) entries from the armhf huge queue.
  • Recreated some lxc containers on the armhf test runners which were missing.

Error Tracker

  • Worked with IS to update the daisy code on the retracer-app units RT 160942.


  • Updated the description of bug 2036730 so that it can be SRU’ed.
  • Uploaded livecd-rootfs SRUs for Jammy, Lunar, and Mantic which resolve bug 2036730 regarding console output not being available in autopkgtest for armhf and arm64.


  • Worked with @bdrung to stand up an apache2 server for the sponsoring report.
  • Reviewing candidate applications.
  • Met with @enr0n regarding my Launchpad bug modifier script and how it works with patches.
  • Set up a redirect from to the sponsoring report per pings on IRC.
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  • very short week, as I was on vacation
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