Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 14 December 2023

Last status can be found at: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 07 December 2023



  • Debian introduced improved sandboxing when running service as root. This needed adjustment in our packaging which used a non-root.
  • Release 2312 introduced a double free error which showed up in autopkgtests. I am currently testing if this fix works.


  • Started to separate our changes into git patches.


  • Upstream is starting to pick up my patches to get ACPI support on riscv64.


  • Reviewing submissions


Netplan docs:

  • DONE: Pyspelling spellcheck on the entire docs set
  • DONE: Adopt Starter Pack config for the docs set
  • DONE: Add CI check (linkcheck) & unify existing checks w/ Docs Starter Pack
  • DONE: Mark-up fixes and updates for consistency
  • (Almost) DONE: Doxygen config fixes for API docs generation (still debugging a last-minute bug before submitting the PR)
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  • Submitted merge of open-iscsi 2.1.9-3ubuntu1 for review.
    • Worked on fixing two autopkgtest issues that showed up after merging the new Debian version.


  • Confirmed .NET Snap build error was related to OOM.
  • Attended weekly .NET partners sync meeting.


  • End of year holidays start next week. I’ll be OOO until Jan 5th 2024.


  • Finished and merged MP for autopkgtest-cloud architecture. Also deployed here.
  • Lots of debugging of my local OpenStack. This ended up working enough for me to reach a good and reviewable state for this documentation MP that explains how to run a local devel autopkgtest-cloud environment.

Proposed migration

  • glibc: re-prepared a snapshot for the upcoming test rebuild
  • Merged a whopping 19 (!!!) PRs on apport from @bdrung (mostly small ones), a good chunk of which were build-up for the zstd support (which was also merged)
  • Reviewed and uploaded rustc 1.72 and 1.73
  • Usual churn of hiring work
  • My PR on lp-to-jira-sync went through after a couple of revisions
  • Reviewed @ravi-sharma’s ltrace MP, and would have uploaded it but it now FTBFSes :confused:
  • Currently investigation a libuv1 FTBFS on s390x blocking it from migrating


  • Worked with devscripts upstream to move libgitlab-api-v4-perl to Suggests on Ubuntu so it can be demoted to Universe along with libio-prompter-perl MR#375
  • Trying to unblock devscripts proposed migration due to two regressions MP#457549 MP#457551. The same patches were submitted to Debian.


  • Prepared netplan 0.107.1 point release + packaging on Debian. I still want to try to include the fixes below as distro patches before releasing the new version (after the holidays)
  • Worked on a fix for LP: #2045096 where Network Manager can set the MAC address to some options instead of the actual MAC and libnetplan would fail to parse it. PR#427
  • Worked on a fix for LP: #2046158 where libnetplan would set the default IPv6 prefix to /32 for the IPs in the Wireguard allowed-ips list. PR#428


  • Got covid again…
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  • Reviewed take home tests
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  • busybox merge and upload
    • (LP: #2046363) - after upload, ubiquity was reported as a regression. That was an unrelated failure with root cause of ubiquity using an internal-to-python package that had functionality disapper in Python 3.11.7. Fixed by removing this internal-to-python usage, which was more of a convenience to run a subset of unit tests. (there are better methods of doing that)
    • With above ubiquity fix both ubiquity and busybox migrated
  • Do p11-kit merge, but it FTBFS in launchpad, track that down to dh_missing vs bash-completion, file LP: #2046389, upload again with a fix for that and forward that bug to Debian (debbug 1058648), that migrated
  • sponsoring
    • LP: #2020692 - re-reviewed this bug I reviewed during patch pilot shift, uploaded after confirming the updates
    • help python-launchpadlib vs livecd-rootfs along with a retry
    • review and short discuss ubuntu-seeds MP
      • additional feedback requested about germinate results after the seed change
  • evaluate casper / late-commands for a possible way of capturing logs for a customer
  • greenhouse
  • discussions on uploader mentoring
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  • Patch piloting on Monday
  • Fix Xorg login on noble, SRUing for mantic (LP: #2046147)
  • Also tidied up ubuntu-raspi-settings while working on the above
  • Added reproduction case from the community for the “extra icon” bug (LP: #2044382)
  • Investigated a merge of raspberrypi-userland and discovered it’s now deprecated upstream; working on packaging the replacement, raspi-utils, which will need seeding instead of userland (LP: #2046250)
  • Proposed a fix for the refresh_os_list test-suite
  • Reviewed removal of armhf raspi images in livecd-rootfs
  • Interviews
  • libcamera planning meeting
  • Some brief work on power daemon for Pi 5
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armhf time_t

  • 100% of my time
  • shared a first report on debian unstable
  • going over remaining packages in reverse-revdep-count order
  • total count of un-analyzed packages is around 1000 (out of > 4500 effective ones)
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  • LP#2046133 Backport .NET 8 to jammy
    • Build & Tested amd64/arm64 bootstraped & non-bootstraped packages
    • Discovered that autopkgtest 013 is architecture specific (LP#2046241)
    • @ginggs reviewed & uploaded non-bootstrap package, Thanks!
    • Waiting for Archive Admin to upload bootstrap packages to bootstrap archive
  • Working on LP#2032945
  • LP#2045002 put to “fix released”
    • Ubuntu Blog article was corrected
  • Attended .NET Source-Build Partner sync meeting

Ubuntu Packaging Guide


  • Merged inetutils 2:2.4-3 from debian unstable (LP#2046259)
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  • Investigation into an issue where the most recent results were not appearing at autopkgtest.u.c. I discovered this was due to a Traceback when running publish-db and then cowboy’ed a fix on the production servers. This MP resolves the bug.
  • Investigation into an issue where arm64 autopkgtest runs were failing early due to warnings from apt about duplicate sources entries. Submitted an MP of the cowboy change I made allowing tests to run until the root issue is resolved.
  • Requeued a multitude of armhf and arm64 tests now that everything is running smoothly.
  • Submitted an MP making ubuntu-advantage-tools a special snowflake so its autopkgtests will be run for port architectures for ESM releases. This fixes a recently discovered bug.
  • Worked on helping getting the staging version of proposed-migration setup in PS5. Subsequently, submitted an MP updating swift settings for PS5, an MP adding noble as release for staging, and an RT regarding getting new credentials for bos01 and bos02 scalingstack for staging.


  • Created a release team checklist for the Lunar Lobster end of life in January.
  • Performed the SRU verification, for Lunar and Jammy, of bug 2036730 regarding serial console being incorrect on arm64 and armhf cloud images.


  • Reviewing candidate applications.
  • Submitted a terraform MP which adds the Canonical Ubuntu QA team to the group of people who can access security-britney.
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  • Fix burp FTBFS with zlib 1.3, thanks tsimonq2 for sponsoring. And retry several failed autopkgtest for zlib migration.


  • Revise my patch for Go 1.21 FTBFS with GCC-5 on armhf and ppc64el. Going to submit it to upstream.
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Slightly shorter week due to sick leave



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  • I had my first +1 maintenance shift last week. You can read the report in the ubuntu-devel mailing list archive

  • python-secretstorage:

    • working vorta autopkgtest failures to get this out of proposed (LP: #2045997)


  • Investigating alternatives to aiohttp for subiquity.


  • PR # 173 - # Keep but truncate /etc/machine-id
    • merged
  • PR # 172 - Fix removing of PPAs done before packages intallation
    • merged
  • PR # 165 - Improve spread tests
    • in review
  • PR # 170 - Bundle e2fsprogs and associated configuration with ubuntu-image
    • need a last review but should be good to merge
  • PR # 174 - Improve user management customization
    • in review


  • PR # 18 - Improve test coverage
    • this is also about project cleaning and quality improvement
    • in review


  • End of year holidays start tonight. I’ll be OOO until Jan 14th 2024.
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  • Released deb822 support for ubuntu.sources in python-apt / software-properties
  • Did a whole lot of pyupgrade, isort, etc for python-apt
  • WIP: Setting up the pre-commit hook
  • WIP: Fixing FTBFS in 2.7.2, we had some symbol errors. Need to finish that


  • patch pilot
  • interview
  • early spec review
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I am on +1 maintenance this week. A report will follow.




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