Patch Pilot Hand-off 24.04

  • kmod - MP - reviewed, uploaded
  • alex4 - LP: #2045607
    • LGTM but asked for forward to Debian, then uploaded
  • cracklib2 - LP: #2045290 - uploaded
  • testresources - LP: #2045302 - uploaded
  • u-boot-nezha - LP: #2020692 - review, offer 2 suggestions
  • openjdk-21 - LP: #2036873 - do the next upload, this time for focal to use a different gcc version to fix a FTBFS there
  • xserver-xorg-input-synaptics - MP - reviewed, suggested some changes
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Notable achievements

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  • presage merge: sponsored
  • icu merge: basically did the merge again, splitting up the commits, and found issues with the previous uploads, where changes were made and not declared in d/changelog (see The merge itself carried over the ubuntu delta correctly, but I spotted something in d/rules in the debian upload and left a question (besides a bunch of comments).
  • zeitgeist merge: good structured merge, easier to review than the previous ones because of the split commits. I left some comments, and requested some info. I’m not familiar with zeitgeist and desktop devel, so I was wondering if one of the patches which seem to come from the Unity era is still necessary.

These were somewhat complex reviews, so I only managed to do these 3.

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  • Had a long look at the lxc issue. It’s … complicated. The proposed package looks semi-reasonable and incorporates the changes requested except it’s built on importing 5.0.3 into Ubuntu directly rather than applying our delta on top of the upstream Debian version (also 5.0.3). Added some comments to the ticket
  • Sponsored patches for jruby (LP: #2023589)
  • Reviewed picom-conf packaging (LP: #2046086); looks very good, but minor suggestion(s) to address
  • Sponsored SRUs for alacarte (LP: #2037326)
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I merged the icu changes in Merge into debian/sid : ubuntu/devel : lp:~liushuyu-011/ubuntu/+source/icu : Git : Code : icu package : Ubuntu

The other issues were either Incomplete or already done so I set their states accordingly, so no items remained after my shift, well two new ones appeared.

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Congratulations, we have a near-empty queue! :tada:

I’ll try to “hold down the fort” here and there over the course of the break, but there probably won’t be much to do (and I hope I’m jinxing it :slight_smile: )

(Does KPI even support 0?)


Reviewed three merges done by Sudip Mukherjee.

As I lack Universe upload permissions at the moment, tsimonq2 did the actual sponsoring for all of these. I would like to thank him, vorlon, and rbasak for the additional help and guidance they provided in the process, and of course I would like to thank sudip for creating the patches. We made a great team. :slight_smile:

  • pcsx2: Uploaded pcsx2 for LP: #2048072
  • bedtools: Reviewed LP: #2048069 and proposed syncing instead. The reporter agreed and I sync’d bedtools (LP: #2048088)
  • weex: Uploaded weex to focal for LP: #1811817

Just worked on the SRU debdiffs for horst. Got them reviewed and accepted for Mantic, Lunar, and Jammy. I didn’t have time to do Focal this time around, but it’s on my radar (though if someone else wants to pick it up, that’s fine too). Bug #2045986 “[SRU] no WiFi card, ends with segfault” : Bugs : horst package : Ubuntu Thanks to @tsimonq2 for copiloting and training me during the process!


Did a very short session - reviewed the latest patch for Bug #2045816 “project-x fails to build from source in noble” : Bugs : project-x package : Ubuntu, made a slight modification to it to make a lintian-override more specific, then uploaded it. This is my first upload as an MOTU :tada:


No IRC pings to report.

I’d like to draw some attention on the xorg-server MP: the user clearly put some effort in preparing it, and it would be a pity to keep commenting on the nits (like I did) without being able to give actual feedback on the actual contents on the MP. I hope a future PP somehow familiar with xorg will be able to have a look at that diff.

  • LP: #2049515 - sponsored merge for iwd
  • LP: #2049311 - per above, submitter agreeded with suggestion to drop the delta on ldapscripts and sync the package. I did the sync.
  • no IRC pings
  • ldapscripts LP: #2049311 / MP 458569 a sync was already sponsored, so unsubscribed ubuntu-sponsors from the bug and marked the MP ‘Disapprove’
  • rsyslog LP: #2045033 / MP 458725 the merge already sponsored, so set the bug status to ‘Fix Committed’ and marked the MP ‘Approve’
  • cunit LP: #2049554 reviewed and sync’d
  • freeradius LP: #2042824 / MR 458744 reviewed and sponsored SRU
  • iptables LP: #2049318 reviewed and sponsored SRU
  • There was a request on irc to help diaspora-installer migrate, it had been removed from the archive and had previous autopkgtest results, but migration-reference/0 tests did not help. Added a hint to allow it to migrate