Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 20 October 2022

Last week’s status can be found here: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 13 October 2022



Raspberry Pi


  • Lots of take home test reviews
  • Candidate interviews
  • Uploading new ubiquity to disable ZFS + encryption due to bugs
  • ISO testing



  • Roadmap planning & sizing
  • Diataxis docs improvements, discussions, sign-off & planning
  • work on netplan status
  • some bug grooming


  • Take home tests & interview
  • RISC-V Images tests
  • Investigated curtin issue with flash-kernel on the Unmatched board
  • Investigating strace update

Release week

  • Testing a lot of images

PolarFire Icicle Kit

  • Testing booting with newly released HSS firmware which should be the base for a future image release.
  • Packaging new version of HSS payload generator.

Preparing product sprint

  • Updating Jira and slides
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  • Subiquity
  • Curtin
  • Roadmap planning, mostly for Subiquity but help Netplan as well
  • Candidate interviews and code packet reviews
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  • ISO image testing
  • Found fractional scaling selection can be broken in “interesting” ways (LP: #1993174)
  • More ISO image testing
  • Found incorrect audio output selection on Pi 400 (LP: #1993316)
  • … and Pi 4 (LP: #1993347)
  • Tested console audio fix in -proposed (LP: #1991254)
  • Re-tested the official DSI display under -proposed kernel 5.19: KMS works! Ish. Touchscreen doesn’t work, and neither does rotation, but at least there’s graphics! FKMS still working fine (LP: #1970603)
  • ISO image re-testing
  • Fixed incorrect FK_FORCE reference in flash_kernel_set_root (LP: #1955353)
  • Lots of blog post writing / updating / publishing (on GPIO, Hyperpixel, and MicroPython (tbc))
  • Firefox meeting
  • Bug triage
  • Did I mention the ISO image testing?
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  • imported autoinstall documentation from discourse to the subiquity tree. Added a build step to simplify the export operation to discourse.
  • updated the autoinstall reference document to include new keys that were added post 20.04.
  • helped with the flash-kernel issue.
  • fixed UI crash upon reaching the custom storage screen while a storage probe operation is ongoing (race condition). The issue was observed by Frank multiple times on s390x hardware.
  • worked around an overlay unmount issue after listing third-party drivers. The umount command failed on riscv64 with EBUSY (other architectures might be affected). The root cause was not identified but the overlay unmount failure for third-party drivers has been made non-fatal.
  • tested a few Subiquity installs on kinetic (including proxy-only HTTP).
  • reported DNS configuration inconsistency in Subiquity installs. Marked low priority.


  • going slowly through the steps to apply to ubuntu-bug-control
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Release Team

Happy Release Week!


  • finalizing kinetic archive for release.
  • zeroed NBS! Thanks, Simon!
  • zeroing priority-mismatches, which should apparently be started earlier in the cycle because it left us with two packages we had to promote but didn’t want to (libfdisk1 for systemd; sgml-base for `libidn2’)
  • Uploaded three packages that depend on aircrack-ng to make them also build-depend on them, so that no uninstallable binaries are being generated on s390x, making a bit cleaner for release
  • late NEW processing of a couple of universe syncs
  • one of these cleared a sync-blacklist extra-removals dependency, so synced back another package
  • took care of remaining removal requests


  • spec reviews for impending roadmap sprint
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  • Opened MP for ubuntu-release-upgrader Jammy SRU to fix:
    • LP 1964036 “Firefox icon missing from panel following Kubuntu upgrade 20.04->22.04”
    • LP 1985964 “UnicodeDecodeError: ‘utf-8’ codec can’t decode byte 0x8b in position 1: invalid start byte”


  • Road map planning for next cycle
  • Helping to investigate a bug at the request of server team


  • ISO testing for the release
  • Debugging and testing fixes for LP 1993318 “ZFS + Encryption installations of Ubuntu Desktop do not come up correctly on first boot, systemd unmounts many of the zfs volumes”
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I got annoyed by typing too much when diffing source package. I wrote savedebdiff to save some time: You might find that useful as well.