Subiquity 22.10.1 has been released to stable

I have just released the Subiquity 22.10.1 snap to the stable channel. This release matches the version of Subiquity that can be found in the upcoming Ubuntu Kinetic 22.10.

See below for a list of new features and bugfixes.

  • use_gap - The first available use case for Subiquity of Storage Version 2, a feature set exposing the ability to edit existing partition tables and resize disks, is the feature use_gap in autoinstall. use_gap allows for a guided install into existing free space without reformatting the entire disk. Example:
    # requires the subiquity-storage-version=2 kernel command line feature flag
        name: direct
        mode: use_gap
    In this scenario, a non-LVM guided install will be done into the largest free space. For more information on storage version 2, please see the Curtin configuration documentation.
  • Better default keyboard layout and variant - the language chosen on the first screen of the Subiquity UI changes which keyboard layout and variant are suggested.
  • Starting with Ubuntu Kinetic, cloud-init is configured in the installed system to disable itself after the first-boot configuration is complete.
  • Integrate with cloud-init clean - several install artifacts are registered with cloud-init’s clean functionality.
  • Adjusted some UI colors with a goal of improved accessibility.
  • LP: #1982903 - Fix 'Raid' object has no attribute 'path' error related to VROC
  • LP: #1948823 - In the case where multiple copies of autoinstall data have been supplied, only one will be used. The precedence in that decision is
    1. /autoinstall.yaml (requires repacking the installer squashfs)
    2. Autoinstall provided by way of cloud-init
    3. /cdrom/autoinstall.yaml, which is where the autoinstall file will be located if placed in the root of the install ISO.
  • LP: #1983265 - fix issue where static network configuration would produce a netplan config that used deprecated elements
  • LP: #1987341 - add more users to the reserved user list to reduce cases where the user cannot be created
  • LP: #1988407 - fix crash when editing logical volume on the confirmation screen
  • LP: #1986674 - fix issue with Snap screen being shown despite being skipped. Interacting with the screen in this scenario “restarts” the install from the language screen.
  • LP: #1989193, LP: #1989198 - Fix several failures related to the Snap screen and cancellation of retrieving the list of snaps
  • LP: #1980584 - fix failure related to applying the apt configuration before the install source has been chosen
  • LP: #1989353 - fix issue where the kernel package or flavor chosen in autoinstall was not respected
  • LP: #1894009 - fix issue with the wrong keyboard layout in initramfs
  • LP: #1992541 - fix bad partition placement for some disk sizes with guided LVM
  • LP: #1992531, LP: #1992977 - fix crashes related to cleaning up mounts after running ubuntu-drivers
  • LP: #1993257 - fix UI crash when reaching the custom disk layout screen if a storage probing operation is ongoing
  • LP: #1987236 - fix issue in Curtin with s390x configurations that have nothing for chzdev to configure
  • LP: #1980008 - fix issue in Curtin where cryptsetup wasn’t always being installed on systems using it
  • LP: #1992990 - fix issue in Curtin on relevant architectures where flash-kernel was not running due to the install happening in a chroot
  • LP: #1992115 - fix issue in Probert that resulted in a crash related to /dev/loop0 not being found, as may be seen when performing a netboot install.

for the Ubuntu Server team