Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 12 May 2022

Last week’s update available here: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 05 May 2022

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  • ubuntu-image:
    • Reviewed and merged PR to support more UC20 customization
    • Continued work on yaml parsing/schema validation for image definition files
    • Also moving on to dynamically defining state machine steps based on what is in the image definition file
    • Started writing schema validation and dynamic state creation test cases
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Misc.
    • Endorsed @schopin for Core Dev!
    • Investigated test failure in golang-github-mendersoftware-openssl
      • Have a potential fix uploaded in a PPA, but is “dependency-wait” on a new dpkg
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  • Uploaded 1.59 to kinetic (sponsored by ginggs, thanks!), investigated build failures on riscv64 leading to filing two bugs on llvm-toolchain-13: LP: #1973037



  • Reviewed and merged PR #266 for slyon


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  • subiquity
    • Do a few merges to get fixes for LP: #1970116 (problems with reuse of md raid) and LP: #1970409 (problems with proxy) onto the beta channel snap
    • PR: 1295 - newer curtin for dual-boot fixes
    • Write 3 specs for Kinetic cycle functionality, 4th one started
    • Enable Kinetic in CI
  • curtin
    • MP: 420764 - Merge fixes needed for dual-boot with Windows support
    • MP: 421781 - the new CI server wants to run unittests against python 3.10, so make that actually work. Drop a test that forces use of outdated packages. Also open a jenkins-jobs PR
  • +1
    • gyoto (LP: #1971735) - request rebuild of lorene due to outdated LTO in .a files. Uploaded by Graham, thanks!
    • LTO: extrapolated from the the build failure of gyoto vs lorene and wrote a script to detect mismatches of LTO versions, and identify packages that need rebuild.
    • cyrus-imapd - respond to upstream feedback on PR: 4075
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ISO Tracker

  • fixed an issue with an incorrect product being listed
  • SRU reviews and releases


  • review of outstanding New Release Cycle process checklist items
  • updated archive opening checklist template by removing and expanding on tasks
  • merged @enr0n’s ubuntu-release-upgrader MP fixing bug 1965568
  • reviewed @jawn-smith’s ubuntu-release-upgrader MP
  • Launchpad rebuilds of rustc and blender
  • Investigation into and fixing of Kinetic daily build images not being created
  • performed the SRU verification of a ubiquity bug using the Kinetic daily build
  • discovered that the auto-upgrade-tester tests from impish to jammy were failing and realized it was because meta-release-proposed didn’t include jammy and so I fixed that
  • updated the meta-release-proposed file on
  • uploaded a no change rebuild of benchmark for @dbungert


  • short week due to holidays
  • administrative discussions / work
  • submitted Release Sprint expense report
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  • subiquity and curtin reviews (as I say every week!)
  • glibc focal SRU got released to updates finally! :partying_face:
  • glibc bionic SRU in proposed, need to start verification
  • Posting spec for publishing netboot artefacts for discussion and thought about implementation a bit
    • (actually mostly just stared at ubuntu-cdimage source and despaired, but I have some ideas on where to start)
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  • YAML consolidation review for @schopin, PR#255
  • Finished specification for VRF / VXLAN yaml schema
  • Started to work on “netplan status” specification
  • “web brief” to revamp the documentation
  • Review & finalize offloading tristate for @nicolasbock, PR#270
  • Working on NM udev matching, PR#276
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  • SPDK
    • analyze Ventana Micro’s RISC-V port:
      • multiple thousand lines of deletions all in a single patch
      • one addition for RISC-V barriers
    • depends on DPDK
  • DPDK
    • analyze Ventana Micro’s RISC-V port: bunches of build errors, not upstream ready
    • analyze new upstream patch series for RISC-V, rebase on 22.03 release
    • got a supported 10 Gbps NIC for Unmatched
    • testing in VM, on Unmatched, and on x86_64
      • test suite results are mostly ok, few tests fail on RISC-V only
    • currently setting up for running sample DPDK applications
  • Ceph
    • LP 1967139 - unable to enable ceph-mgr dashboard module
      • added analysis: python-cheroot reports a malformed version number
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(very small week)

  • Nezha:
    • started WIFI driver porting from 5.4.61 to 5.17 but the network stack hugely changed and would require too much work (this board has ethernet, the LicheeRV board has a different and better supported wifi chipset)
    • Started specification
  • VisionFive:
    • PR to flash-kernel
    • Started specification
  • Distro:
    • wireless-regdb: removes suggestion to crda since it was removed
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  • +1 maintenance:

    • Thanks to @slyon for baby-sitting me this week through sponsoring, advising, re-triggering autopkgtest … \o/
    • python-fluids: fixed autopkgtest running over unpatched tests (LP: #1972805). Forwarded to Debian.
    • libcloud:
      • Fixed autopkgtest failing on s390x architecture (big-endian). Patches merged upstream and forwarded to Debian (LP: #1973158)
      • Fixed other autopkgtest regressions when no access to Internet or HTTP/HTTPS proxy is configured. All patches forwarded to Debian. Relevant patches merged upstream (LP: #1972888)
    • armci-mpi: autopkgtest failed with SIGPIPE on ppc64el - successful after re-trigger.
    • currently looking at pysdl2 that has autopkgtest failure on s390x.
  • subiquity:

    • Reviewed PR 1296 Server-side username validation
    • Tested fix for HTTP proxy (LP: #1970409) on server/jammy branch.
    • Merged visual indication for starred publishers (PR 1292)
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  • LP 1965568 “missing dependency on python3-dbus”
    • Fixed in kinetic (@bdmurray reviewed/uploaded), and completed SRU paperwork for jammy
  • Continued investigating and responding to upgrade bug reports


  • LP 1966800 “systemd locks up due to incorrect handling of time zone changes”
    • MP to pull in upstream patch
    • Completed SRU paperwork
  • LP 1959475 “machinectl shell connections immediately terminated”
    • MP to pull in upstream patch
    • Completed SRU paperwork
  • The above fixes are ready to go for the next focal upload, whenever that may be


  • Added a release note for plocate
  • Expense reports etc. following Induction Sprint
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  • Waffled on for 8 pages of piwheels specification
  • Investigating totem failure (still!) on Pi desktop (LP: #1969512)
  • Investigating firefox snap start-up time (and video performance) vs debs on Pi desktop
  • Investigated wifi regulatory configuration under NetworkManager on the Pi desktop (LP: #1951586)
  • Working on tidying up the raspi-config package (including fixing the incorrect config.txt path, LP: #1972982)
  • Working on flash-kernel merge
  • Pi meetings
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  • some attempts to improve phasing
  • reviewed merge requests, merged stuff


  • digged into s390x logs, IS bounced some network, it works again
  • reboot the armhf cloud, fixup out of space situations
  • recreate lxd-armhf6 from scratch, as lxd destroyed its database (foreign key constraints broken)
  • Initial work on porting charms to charmcraft. Ugh.
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  • Last week: Roadmap Sprint in Copenhagen
  • Lots of discussion, planning, roadmap preparation during that time!
  • Sponsoring some packages for teammates
  • Usual SRU reviews and releases
  • Sync with Michael
  • Quick sync with the Taipei HWE team
  • Lots of work on Jira, making sure enough roadmap items are in the right lanes and assigned to the right people
  • Chasing people to write, review and sign-off specifications for important bits of our work


  • Added support for --dry-run in the Jira card generation script
  • Added template for point-releases, created a new Jira milestone for the near-future 22.04.1
  • Discussions regarding a formal date for the final focal point-release 20.04.5
  • Investigating some canary image build failures


  • Some more work on the redesign specification, addressing some review comments
    • Discussed those during a 1 on 1 with William
  • Planning out work for the incoming cycles - William already pushing on it full force!
  • Reading the neat parser schema handling in William’s WIP branch


  • Drafted specification for integration of Ubuntu Core images into the ISO Tracker - sent for review
  • Discussed netboot tarball publication and generation with Michael
  • Started prep work for the Ubuntu Core enablement

Ubuntu Core

  • As the snapstore moved to PS5, we were told we can finally enable auto-promotions from candidate to stable
  • Implemented some new policies for the snap promotion automation to auto-promote from candidate to stable on selected days, when the snap aged at least 24h in candidate and if there was no snaps released to stable recently
  • Updated the previous logic to handle updates that are phasing and support for phasing coreXX snaps during promotion to stable
  • Wrote a basic test suit for the automation policies (long overdue)
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