Yaru in the snap store

Let’s gather the visual representation of Yaru in the snap store. Here are some screenshots which are pretty characteristic. I don’t know how many uploads are possible?



Is that the new login screen? Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice :sunglasses:

We can upload three screenshots. I’ve uploaded this:

  1. Screenshot of login screen
  2. Screenshot of applications
  3. Screenshot of shell

We have good screenshots for #1 and #3, but maybe add 2 more applications to #2 and then adjust your volume?


@merlijn-sebrechts wow that was fast!

“Ubuntu with communitheme snap” could be updated in the description :slight_smile:

Edit: no… I was wrong, too much VM jumping. The description is right, the session is called communitheme in the snap installation :slight_smile:
But this means we need another screenshot. @c-lobrano you said that you have a 18.04 snap VM right? Could you symlink the gdm screen with:

sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/gdm3.css gdm3.css /snap/communitheme/current/share/gnome-shell/theme/Communitheme/gnome-shell.css 15

And then make a screenshot with virtual box -> view -> Take screenshot

Please :smile:

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Wow, it looks really great in the store!

Maybe I was a bit too slow, but here is #1 without the cursor :computer_mouse:

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Edit: no… I was wrong, too much VM jumping. The description is right, the session is called communitheme in the snap installation :slight_smile:

PS: for those interested, the store description comes from the snapcraft.yaml file in the Yaru repo and the icon is in the snap/assets folder. You can edit those there and the new version will be shown in the store when the new snap is pushed. Please assign me to the PR when you change that file.

Each new build of the snap will update the description and icon to those in the repo.

I’m putting the screenshots and banner there too, but those aren’t automatically updated yet. c-lobrano, didrocks and I can change the screenshots and name of the snap manually on the dashboard.


Just thought about this for a while.

We can’t change the name of the snap package - ok. But when you search for yaru in gnome-software you find the theme, with a big Yaru label. So shouldn’t we change the name of the sessions, too? :thinking: The name of the snap package is not that important, after all.

The name of issue to be change will require quite some work, an SRU, new strings to translate for translators… I don’t think that’s realistic TBH.

Also, you install “communitheme” to be in a Yaru session…

Gnome-software doesn’t seem to show the display name, only the snap name; so users are still installing Communitheme.


That’s strange. I can search for Yaru theme in gnome-software and find the Yaru theme and when I click it this is being displayed :open_mouth:
18.04, snap installation

Strange indeed :thinking:

Maybe it takes a while for the changes to reach everyone?

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I can find Yaru in gnome software as well since yesterday at least

It’s in the snap description :slight_smile:

Hi @popey,

Are there any plans for promoting the yaru theme in the snap store/gnome-software?
I think everything should be ready for a promotion (logo, screenshots, banner). :slight_smile:

Best regards


The snap build on master branch is broken since 3 days. Only one of the edge content has build succesfull (pull request #760), but unfortunately we discovered later that it was incomplete (it was completed with pull request #762), so I think it would be better not to release it a stable, at least today.

What do you think, guys?


A strong yes!

No need to risk a broken snap.

The snap craft people are working on it:

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Agreed, FYI all snaps built with snapcraft tip (what the docker image we are using) are failing right now. I pinged upstream yesterday about it, but they were off.


I have a reply in this thread but I am short on time this week. Would be great if someone else would take care of the builds.

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It seems that traceback is lost in /tmp folder. I’ll try updating travis configuration in order to cat trace.txt in case of failure

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Uhm, I’ll think something else

Sorry, Snapcraft ran into an error when trying to running through its
lifecycle that generated a trace that has been put in '/tmp/tmpixp287ng/trace.txt'.
"Submitting this error to the Snapcraft developers is not possible through the CLI
without Raven installed.
If you wish to report this issue, please copy the contents of the previous traceback
and submit manually at https://launchpad.net/snapcraft/+filebug.
The command "build-helpers/prepare-build-snap" exited with 1.

$ cat /tmp/tmp*/trace.txt
cat: /tmp/tmp*/trace.txt: No such file or directory

Done. Your build exited with 1.

That’s normal, the file is in the container, where snapcraft is running :wink: