Ubuntu Eoan Ermine 19.10 Community Wallpaper Competition - WINNERS!

EDIT: Voting is now CLOSED. I’ll announce the winners shortly.

The Ubuntu wallpaper competition has attracted over 160 entries this year, the most ever! Thanks to everyone who entered their art for consideration by the Ubuntu community as wallpaper for 19.10 Eoan Ermine. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching the thread expand over the months with lots of beautiful images.

The standard is very high this year so I think it’s going to be hard to limit yourself to your favourite ten, but limit yourself you must. Think carefully about how you vote, the winners will go forwards through to the 20.04 LTS competition as well.

How to vote?

:ballot_box: Cast your votes via this form: https://forms.gle/qyvcfG6aeRaZfPVF9

which contains all the images and a checkbox to indicate your vote (limited to 10). Since the images in the form are pretty small I would suggest that you keep the competition topic open in another window so you can examine the images in more depth:

The competition voting will close on, probably, 20th September.
EDIT: Voting will close Monday 16 September

Vote now!


Will his is what I am seeing when I click on that link to vote:

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You need to remove the trailing '*'s. Someone needs to fix the link.


For anyone else getting the “Invalid Dynamic Link” error aswell, here is the fixed voting forum link:


Thanks! I tried to make the link bold, but I guess Discourse had other plans.

Now fixed.

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No worries, I figured that was what happened.

Too many great & worthy choices… we need an eoan-community-wallpapers pack for the runners-up :slight_smile:


The polarbear image I believe was already used in a package, I think that when I was working on the Ubuntu Cinnamon project and doing wallpaper stuff I found it.

Anyways I just voted. I made sure I didn’t vote for my own stuff! :slight_smile:

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That’d be awesome! Contact Ubuntu Developers about that.

I simplified my decision making process by separating it into several stages:

  1. Went through the entire topic and downloaded all pictures of good quality.
  2. Tried setting them as wallpapers one by one to see if everything looks good and not too noisy.
  3. Deleted the ones that weren’t so good as wallpapers (with a pain in my heart, some photos are just breathtaking).
  4. In the end I was left with just the right number of images.

Sharing it in case someone has a tough time deciding which ones to keep.


Are you talking about this photo ?

Yes, I feel like I’ve seen it before

I took it this year, and have only uploaded here to be used on opensource. Probably you saw something else of the same nature. :slight_smile:



We’re very pleased to announce the winners of the 19.10 wallpaper competition.

  1. Ermine diving vector with squares on the background by @designicolas

  2. Das Boot by @jerosguitar

  3. Ermine-wallpaper eoan by @g0b

  4. ShenZhongBurial by @meinhoff

  5. 80s styled glitch variation by @zero-1729

  6. 07 720 Ubuntu by @mantissa

  7. 3 min (2) by @schabing

  8. Milky Way by @marcik

  9. Daytime Flow H2O by @cruzmateus

  10. Sky Sparkles by @jellyjoe

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who entered. This releases competition has been the best yet, and we’ll be doing it all over again once the 20.04 “FF” cycle starts.

I will be in touch with all the winners by email (to the email address you used to register here) to ask for the final versions of your images.



Oof. Didn’t work.

I just wish I knew how to get the best pictures! I will in the future also enter in Lubuntu and other spins/flavors and tell them not to put it in if it gets into Ubuntu.

Wow, I succeeded in not picking even one of the winners. I guess that is similar to my lotto skills. :slight_smile:

But congratulations to all the winners though!!


I don’t remember seeing #6 when I voted. Glad it’s a winner :slight_smile:

Congratulations to the winners!
Can I make a suggestion for the next wallpaper contest?
Why not spice things up for the next round and ask for submissions of wallpapers that transition through the day i.e. the morning - noon - evening - night kind of wallpapers?
Maybe you’ll then need to open the contest sufficiently in advance to give people the time to come up with such transitioning wallpapers and each person can submit only one set.
Please consider this!


Nah… not the best idea.