Ubuntu Africa Empowers Innovation at INNOVATE 24

Ubuntu Africa actively supported the recent INNOVATE 24 conference, a premier tech and entrepreneurship event held from March 22nd to 24th, 2024. This event served as a key platform for fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange within the burgeoning African tech ecosystem.

Promoting Open Source Adoption

Ubuntu Africa played a critical role in promoting open-source technologies during the conference. MrBitee, the Ubuntu Africa Loco Lead, spearheaded an informative exhibition session. This session provided a comprehensive overview of the Ubuntu operating system, encompassing its core functionalities, historical development, and the advantages it offers users. By targeting all levels of experience, the session aimed to broaden the understanding and adoption of Ubuntu within the African tech community.

Engaging Attendees with Solutions and Prizes

Beyond education, Ubuntu Africa actively engaged with conference participants. Engaging presentations showcased various Ubuntu solutions, highlighting their ability to empower individuals and businesses within the African context. Additionally, Ubuntu Africa provided exciting prizes throughout the event, further enhancing the attendee experience. This combined focus on education, engagement, and solutions showcased Ubuntu Africa’s commitment to supporting open-source adoption in Africa.

Recognition and Continued Collaboration

Ubuntu Africa’s commitment to open source was further underscored by the prestigious award they received in recognition of their outstanding contributions and support to the INNOVATE 24 conference. This recognition strengthens Ubuntu Africa’s resolve to be a driving force in the growth of open-source technologies in Africa. Moving forward, Ubuntu Africa remains dedicated to active participation in such events, fostering collaboration, and empowering the African tech landscape through open-source solutions.

The success of Ubuntu Africa’s participation at INNOVATE 24 wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of our incredible Ubuntu community personnel @joshado and many others. Their hard work, expertise, and enthusiasm were instrumental in educating attendees, showcasing solutions, and fostering a vibrant open-source atmosphere at the conference. Twitter


Nice one @mrbite and the team. I was so delighted meeting the ubuntu Africa for the first time in person.
It was such a wonderful event


This is brilliant. Well done all involved.

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Thanks for the acknowledgement