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Dear Ubuntu Membership Committee,
My name is Bright Adams, and I am writing to express my interest in applying for Ubuntu membership. I am currently serving as the Ubuntu Africa LoCo Lead, and I am deeply committed to contributing to the Ubuntu community and furthering its growth, especially in Africa.

My involvement in the Ubuntu community began with my role as the Ubuntu Africa LoCo Lead, where I have had the honor of working alongside Pedro and other representatives during their visit to Nigeria for the Open Source Festival. This experience has been invaluable, allowing me to gain a deeper understanding of the Ubuntu community and its global impact.

In addition to my leadership role, I have taken the initiative to identify and engage with other Linux and open-source events in my region. A notable example of this is my representation of Ubuntu at the largest web3 conference, web3lagos, held in Lagos. This event was a significant milestone, showcasing Ubuntu’s presence and influence in the tech community. I am grateful for the guidance provided by @aaronprisk and @kewisch during this endeavor.

One of my proudest achievements was organizing the first-ever Ubuntu Meetup/Workshop in Africa, which was a resounding success. This event not only fostered a strong community of Ubuntu enthusiasts but also highlighted the potential for Ubuntu’s growth and impact in Africa.

Furthermore, I have had the opportunity to represent Ubuntu as a speaker at major tech conferences and summits, such as Innovate 24, which attracted over 1,700 tech and open-source enthusiasts. These experiences have not only enriched my understanding of Ubuntu’s role in the tech community but also reinforced my commitment to contributing to open-source projects.

I am eager to continue my contributions to the Ubuntu community and to work towards its goals. I believe that my experiences and passion for Ubuntu make me a strong candidate for Ubuntu membership. I am excited about the possibility of contributing to the community in a more formal capacity and look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with other Ubuntu members.

Thank you for considering my application. I am looking forward to the possibility of contributing to the Ubuntu community and furthering its mission.

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Bright has been doing tremendous work growing our community in Africa. He and his team have put together some extraordinarily well produced events and are always looking ahead for what they can do to spread the Ubuntu mission in the region. I particularly appreciate his effort to bring diverse voices into our community including women in tech, non-code contributors and adjacent tech communities. It’s been such a thrill to watch and see his team’s work and I’m excited to see where they go from here.

He’s also been a consistent and valuable voice in the Ubuntu LoCo reboot effort, always bringing fresh and thoughtful insight and cheering on his fellow LoCo leads. I hope his team inspires others out there to start a LoCo or reboot one in their area.

I happily endorse Bright’s application for Ubuntu Membership!


not much I can say about all the contributions he has made.

He got my +1 and looking forward to seeing more contributions and Ubuntu Africa LoCo having more contributors in the future …

Good luck!

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I can only echo Aaron’s words here. Adam has been responsive, caring, and has a great team of folks in his LoCo that are able to put together high-value events with many of the things you’d expect at a professional event.

It is also not often that you can go from some excitement around a cause to sponsoring another event on behalf of the local community. Great work, and indeed an inspiration for others to follow.


I saw Bright’s post, and his contribution to Africa LoCo looked great.

I look forward to seeing the African LoCo continue to grow, starting with Bright’s membership.

Good Luck!!


Plese review Membership/Boards - Ubuntu Wiki
and set your desired date/time to meet with the board on IRC to process your application.

-Good things happen-

To all
Who may be concerned :smiley:
Be it known that mrbite is scheduled to appear before the Membership board on Thursday the 6th of June for his application processing:
on | #ubuntu-meeting .

All are welcome to attend to proffer support in his application.