The road to Disco - what features might go in, what features actually hit the repos

The recently released xorg server 1.20.4 hit the repos today:

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Not the Ubuntu repos, but Red Hat ones. Do we follow Red Hat?
Ubuntu disco has 1.20.3-1 still.

its in the proposed repo for disco


Is it just for me, or is the ugly ImageMagick icon back in Disco?

@jbicha had succeeded in removing it in Artful and now it is back in my “show applications” list.

EDIT: Filed

EDIT2: It turns out in this bug report, that CUPS doesn’t depend on ImageMagick anymore and can be safely removed now for good.


Today is GNOME 3.32. release day :beers:

And today I got Linux kernel 5:

Linux amano-desktop 5.0.0-7-generic #8-Ubuntu SMP Mon Mar 4 16:27:25 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux


EDIT: I installed the Yaru debs manually and the Desktop is a fucking beauty.

I don’t even miss the transparent top bar. It is perfect as it is!!

Gongratz to @c-lobrano, @frederik-f, @jaggers, @madsrh, @eaglers and to all the others involved.

Bildschirmfoto von 2019-03-12 20-08-25

Whoever missed @jbicha’s post:

Restored a minimal Sundry menu for upgraders (it’s at least better than X-GNOME-Sundry). To get rid of it, after upgrading, run gsettings reset-recursively (assuming you haven’t made any customizations to the app folders).
EDIT3: This command removed the Folders just temporarily. They always come back.


Thanks for the nice and unemotional thread. Was a good source of information!


Missing menu categories in Ubuntu 19.04,

Screenshot from 2019-03-13 15-02-39

Everything in one place…

The last big feature in the next days will the switch from Mesa 18.3 to 19.0.

Then Disco is more or less ready. Just bugfixes.

Can somebody start up the deb version of GIMP?

I get just that error:

gimp: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: gegl_buffer_iterator2_new

The snap works though.

For later reference:

That little script lets you open Synaptic in the Wayland session just like in the old X times by just clicking on it:

Just create a new script for Synaptic by typing

gedit admin:///usr/bin/synaptic-pkexec

(Don’t worry, you might have to enter your superuser password twice. That still seems to be a bug with the new and shiny gvfs admin backend)

Within the script file make sure that you add the xhost commands properly. The text should look like this:

xhost +si:localuser:root
pkexec /usr/sbin/synaptic "$@"
xhost -si:localuser:root

Now press “save” and from now on you can open Synaptic just by clicking the icon like in the old “X” times. It looks scary but it isn’t.

When Ubuntu switches to Wayland again such scripts should probably be installed by default then.

EDIT 20.3.: I updated the script above:
before I had set pkexec “/usr/sbin/synaptic” “$@” and it worked. Now I had to change it to pkexec /usr/sbin/synaptic “$@”.

I don’t know why though.

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Firefox 66 and Mesa 19.0 ended up in the release pocket. So we are now more or less feature complete.

You can test the state of the Firefox Wayland support by following those steps:

  1. Start the Ubuntu-Wayland session instead of the “ubuntu” one.

  2. Open the terminal (gnome-terminal or whatever)

  3. type

export GDK_BACKEND=wayland

  1. type


  1. After testing just close the terminal. The env variable in step 3 was just set temporarily, so the next time you start up Firefox it will use X(wayland) again.


Initially I saw just invisible windows. It turned out, that I had Webrender still enabled in about:config accidentally after an unsuccessful Webrender tryout.

(= about:support)

EDIT 2 Just as an information: It seems that GDK_BACKEND isn’t supposed to be set globally. It is designed to be set per application. So don’t try to set it up globally, it will probably just not work or even prevent to start the desktop session. If you want Firefox to start up automatically, you will probably have to edit the firefox.desktop file (instead of Exec=firefox %u use Exec=env GDK_BACKEND=wayland /usr/bin/firefox %u. That will pass the per application env just to Firefox.

It turns out in this bug report, that CUPS in Disco doesn’t depend on ImageMagick anymore and thus can be safely purged for good now.

That was an excellent change for most users.
Those that want to bury their windows in the same position can likely find a setting somewhere, someplace…

There is a new separate thread to discuss this topic:

It is not too important to me because it is easy to change that back in GNOME-tweaks (“windows” section). I think that this is what you are hinting at.

Well, that is true-sometimes, the dock can get stuck on the fact that there is a window when there isn’t.

But with the dock, all you need is pretty much a major Gnome Shell update, and your dead, but Ubuntu Dock is an extension, and so is Dash to Panel.

It’s a good thing to consider using dash-to-panel.

Edit: The recent updates fixed my WLAN connectivity. It was broken after one package update today.

EDIT2: I finally figured out the culprit of the broken Firefox Wayland support. Of course it was my fault, I have left Webrender turned on although my graphics chip was still blocked for Webrender and didn’t work. Just having this setting toggled prevented Wayland to work properly.

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I have a broken user interface in 19.04 release someone help

Packet Tracer still uses libpng12, which isn’t available on Bionic and later. It won’t run without it. The one in Xenial’s repos is outdated (1.2.54), while the latest version in Sourceforge is 1.2.59.

One thing I miss in Ubuntu is that login/lockscreen powered by #lightdm please create a better one or bring it back as default… I have no issues with gnome Its dope… but lets recreate a better ubuntu gnome lockscreen… we created the software store they followed suite lets do it for the lock screen… Am just an Ubuntu user

I believe we came to linux because it was unique dash2panel is windows style I say we retain ubuntu as it is