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Annoying 3.32 bugs/Regressions

I hope that the following bugs will be fixed upstream or distropatched:

*The neverending spinner: The mouse pointer shows the spinning animation when starting an app even if the app is already fully loaded. You can stop the animation manually by dragging the window with your mouse: This is fixed already upstream for Mutter 3.32.1

*Blurry background picture: @vanvugt proposed a fix today upstream in EDIT And he got it merged one day later. So like the spinner issue, this will be fixed automatically once 3.32.1 is synced in Ubuntu.

*Some windows are not focused after launching (Xorg session only) (e. g. Terminal) --> Sadly that doesn’t seem to be investigated at all yet.

With those 3 bugs fixed Ubuntu would be in a great state.

Other than the GIMP not starting up for me

gimp: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: gegl_buffer_iterator2_new

(the snap works, so no big deal), I don’t have any issues and enjoy the much “snappier” desktop.

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Wish Kvantum’s in the repos…

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The Blurry background patch was merged today and will come to Ubuntu with 3.32.1.

The windows not focused bug doesn’t have much traction because some think it is a GTK regression.

This is NOT a problem in the Wayland session, just with Xorg.

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It’s Ubuntu beta time. The release is out there in the wild.

On the bug front @vanvugt is going to hunt down the input focus issue according to this Trello card:

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It looks like the Xorg throttling problem has not been taken care of yet. All of a sudden the cursor gets stuck, and only hard shut down and restart helps. This might happen any time. Strangely, in the same laptop in Windows 10 it never got stuck in continuous running for more than 18 hours. Hope, this matter would be looked into before the final release.

Is there an Ubuntu bug or an upstream bug for it? Without a proper bug report it won’t be looked at.


@chanath, if you are experiencing a bug then this is the wrong site to discuss it on. Please report that bug by running:

ubuntu-bug xorg-server


Sure, I can. Only, if it still works.
Once the system gets stuck, no way to get the terminal going.

@vanvugt has fixed the input focus bug and it landed upstream. So Ubuntu will be in a good shope once 3.32.1 will land:

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Two days to go for the final release!

All three of my pet bugs above are fixed. Most GNOME apps are on version 3.32.1, just Mutter and Gnome-Shell are on a snapshot of April 10th (because no official 3.32.1 is tagged yet?). Gstreamer is on a RC version, Mesa on 19.0.2.

It looks good, thanks to all involved for their efforts :wink: