The road to Disco - what features might go in, what features actually hit the repos

On a side note: Plymouth 0.9.4 is in the repos as well now. Now technically a flicker-free boot experience could be possible. I hope that the Ubuntu team will tackle that for Ubuntu 19.10 like Fedora did for 3.30. Even if that means that we would have to go away from the all purple and shiny, boot splash to a more conservative “logo on a black background” approach again.

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Oh, I just forgot to mention : Ubuntu is in Feature Freeze now. The 3.31.90 GNOME packages that made it into the repos will be going to be updated to 2.32 or 2.32.1 though.

LibreOffice is on 6.2.1rc1 and will certainly be upgraded to 6.2.1 or even 6.2.2 for Ubuntu 19.04.


There is still a faint chance that the transparent top bar might have a return:

There will probably be more top bar states depending on the background just like in Elementary. When that pull request is accepted, it will be interesting to see if Ubuntu-Dock should follow to adapt to these new states.


Add the next fork of the dock extension, and the top bar would not be needed.
And, have one bar/dock/panel have everything in that.

Why should I? Someone had done that a long time ago.

You are basically talking about the Dash To Panel extension, aren’t you? :slight_smile:

Why should I? I am using it all the time. It is a fork of the original extension, just like the current dock extension.

Extensions are free to use and if you want you can fork them too. You can also keep them and stop them from appearing. That’s Gnome, by the way.

Of course. I like easy ways to get things done. Everything in one place. :slight_smile:

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We are not really talking about solving problem in our own installation only :), that’s why if you say

Add the next fork of the dock extension, and the top bar would not be needed.
And, have one bar/dock/panel have everything in that.

everybody thinks you are suggesting Ubuntu to do that :wink:

One “forked” extension to do the same work is better than 2 “forked” extensions , doesn’t it?

Get yourself together, please. In one message you say you don’t want Ubuntu to use dash-to-panel, in another one you say the opposite. It is extremely hard to understand the points of your messages.

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I was only answering the problem of transparency of fork of one extension…and how to get out of it…, by not having it.

As you see, I don’t have those “transparency” problems.

That’s a nice collection of the new GNOME 3.32 features.:


Breaking: With more than a year of preparations Marco Trevisan’s fractional scaling branches landed in Mutter and Gnome-shell.

Well done, @3v1n0 .

I guess that this feature will make a lot of people switch to the Wayland session. As this is a Wayland only feature.


There’s no such thing as Wayland yet, is there? Only an X server running on top of wayland. It should be Ubuntu on Xwayland, rather than Ubuntu on Wayland, right?

There is a Wayland session. Even if XWayland is still started as well at the moment. There was a lot of hassle to separate the codepaths this cycle to make XWayland start up just on demand. There is even a patchset by Carlos Garnacho ready to be merged, but I think that it is too close to 3.32 already.

XWayland is just a thing of the Wayland session. In an Xorg session there would be no need for XWayland.

Centering windows by default was reverted for 19.04. I really hope that they reconsider this because it was perfect on 18.10 :frowning:

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I looked in /usr, but can’t find much. only links to 2 apps.
Finally, I stopped Ubuntu on Wayland from showing up at login. Most apps don’t work in that anyway.

Today is hard code freeze for GNOME as well. So no new features on that front any more.

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The new gdk-pixbuf hit the repos:

View file @ da9e6d00

2.38.1 (stable)


 - Fix OOM in JPEG2000 loader [Ivan A. Melnikov, #107]

 - Fix thumbnailing of animated GIFs [Debarshi Ray, #99]

 - Multiple improvements to the GIF loader [Robert Ancell, !24, !28, !30, #22, #69 

 - Fix build on Windows/MSYS2 [Christoph Reiter, !29]

 - Fix soname versioning on macOS [Christoph Reiter, !23]

 - Cross-compilation fixes for Android [Matthew Waters, #64]

 - Fix building modules on macOS [Ignacio Casal Quinteiro, !18 and !19]

 - Fix introspection generation [Iain Lane, #92]

 - Fix error handling in PNG loader [Debarshi Ray, !16]

 - Improve reproducibility of the build [Chris Lamb, !15]

 - Speed up saving PNG files [Brion Vibber, #90]

 - Add variables in the pkg-config files for binary utilities [Emmanuele Bassi, #88]

 - Build fixes [Emmanuele Bassi, #88]
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