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Quote popey as the thread is locked.

While I appreciate you’re grumpy and it’s frustrating for you, this is what you see when a new user arrives at this site. Bold text " This site is not for technical support.

There are way better places to get support. Asking in the wrong place won’t help you or us. Other than reach through the screen and shake a user by the neck and say LOOK! READ THIS FIRST! What exactly are we supposed to do to improve this, I’d love to know!

Links at the bottom of ubuntu.com website pages.

Helping hands

If you get stuck, help is always at hand.

/me points -------^ :slight_smile:

Apart from updating and removing the link from the Ubuntu pages doesn’t discourse have an option to withhold new users posts until they have been approved by the Mods?

I don’t see the Discourse link on the linked website.

And the word “help” does not necessarily mean “technical support”.

I’m guessing you never even bothered to look around the website as it is all over the place , look below “Easy ways to switch to Ubuntu” " From macOS" in the above link as just for one example.

You had better post a bug report on that logic and reasoning? :slight_smile:

Yes, you are right. If you are posting a link, then I expect to find the cited information there.

It is not a bug.

I don’t understand why you are creating so much noise in this thread that has nothing to do with developer popeys request "What exactly are we supposed to do to improve this, I’d love to know!"

This section is for site feedback and the forum converted my text to a weblink but it specifically says
“website pages.” and not “this website page”.

Ok , ignore my second post as it looks like popey has previously tried restricting new users but my orginal post pointing out discourse is on ubuntu as a help link still stands , i think it either needs to be removed or edited to point out that discourse is for the development of Ubuntu.

I think you’ll find that addressed if you look at Support & this site, maybe refinement needed to https://ubuntu.com/support/community-support

The change will hit any time now I believe (see final post which was made only a few hours before your starting this thread).

ie. I believe this has already been addressed :slight_smile:
(fixes just sometimes take time, something we all never have enough of)


LOL ,Darn it! , double post and it’s in the same section :slight_smile: , thanks guiverc. :+1:

Mods can delete or lock this thread so not to have two threads on the same topic.