Noble Numbat 24.04 Wallpaper Competition

Happy Little Numbats

We are pleased to announce the Ubuntu 24.04 (Noble Numbat) Wallpaper Competition! This release is special as it’s an LTS (Long Term Support) version, which means it will receive support for 5 years (up to 10 with Ubuntu Pro!). We need your help to compile an ensemble of truly special wallpapers to celebrate this very regal release.

As in competitions past, we’ll be collecting the submissions here on the Ubuntu Discourse via this thread, but with a few changes this time around…

Mixing things up

We’re shaking things up a bit this year in an effort to encourage a more diverse set of wallpapers. In past competitions, we’ve seen a lot of mascot themed submissions. We love our mascots! But we also love to provide a diverse wallpaper selection to our users.

This year, we’ve created four style categories. When submitting your artwork, please indicate which category your submission falls under. You can only choose one category per submission.

  • Mascot Theme
  • Digital / Abstract Art
  • Nature
  • Other

After the submission window closes, members of the community will have a chance to vote on their favorite entries. The top TWO vote earners from each category will be included in the Ubuntu 24.04 Noble Numbat!

The AI Question

We’ve made the decision to disallow the entry of AI generated artwork for this competition. Here’s a few reasons why we’ve made that choice:

  1. Many popular AI art generation tools use a license that does not align with those that we have chosen for our competition.
  2. There are active legal debates on the ownership of AI generated artwork and whether it can or can’t be copyrighted.
  3. Many popular AI models have been shown to include artwork from artists without their consent. We do not believe this aligns with our community’s values and stated mission.

If your submission displays hallmarks of AI generation, you may be asked to provide proof of human creation, which may include a request for source project files.

Competition Rules

If you’d like to join in the wallpaper fun, there are a few other important rules that you need to follow:

  • You must own the rights to the image you are submitting, it should be your original work of art.
  • The full quality image must be 3840x2160px. PNG and WebP formats are preferable.
  • Please ensure you create a high quality image. Avoid image compression artifacts, pixelation, chromatic aberration and noise. Please do not add any watermarks, names or logos. See also these helpful guidelines from GNOME on screen backgrounds.
  • The Ubuntu Discourse will automatically compress all posted images. A full resolution submission will be requested of the chosen winners at the conclusion of the competition.
  • When posting your image, please include a note that you are licensing the image as CC BY-SA 4.0 or CC BY 4.0. If you do not specify a license we will assume CC BY-SA 4.0. By entering the competition you are agreeing to these license terms.

Important Dates

Make sure you put the following dates into your calendar:

February 9, 2024 (UTC) - Submission Window opens.

March 4, 2024 (UTC) - Submission Window closes and Voting Period begins.

March 18, 2024 (UTC) - Voting Period closes and the winners are announced!

Previous Competitions

Not sure where to start? Check out the results from recent wallpaper competitions:

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Go out on a limb—that’s where the fruit is

Participating in the Wallpaper Competition is a fun and easy way to contribute to Ubuntu! You don’t need to be an expert artist of a professional photographer. As a great artist one said, "Talent is a pursued interest. Anything that you’re willing to practice, you can do.

To learn more ways that you can get involved, check out

We can’t wait to see all the noble submissions!


Hi, I hope this one qualifies as Digital Art - Category 2

Welcome 24.04 :slight_smile:


Mascot Category


@lost-cause, you should give another try at getting “Tide” in Ubuntu. It’s still one of my favorite wallpapers to use.

(dark version, light version)

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Engulfed in Darkness - Nature


Alone in the Clouds - Nature


Mount Fuji, Japan - Nature


Nature Category




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This one is my favourite in the series, so far. Thanks for sharing!

yes, those three are under CC BY-SA 4.0 licence! gimp, inkscape, blender were used for ; with ubuntu studio 23.10. thank you so much for comment!

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Title: Pinus pinaster
Author: Kamen Nedev
Category: Nature
License: CC BY-SA 4.0

RAW processing in Darkroom, final touches in GnuIMP on Ubuntu Studio (where else?).

Full size (3840x2160) version:

Edit: spelling, link to full size picture.


Brauneck sunrise, Nature.
A sunrise caught from the top of the Brauneck Mountain in Bavaria, Germany. CC BY-SA 4.0


Hey @aaronprisk, does the CC BY-SA license still apply to the image if it’s only submitted but does not win? If so, does it only apply to the copy of the image actually submitted (a lower resolution copy) or also to the original image?

Also, does the AI restriction apply to a photo that I clicked if it was edited using AI (slightly expanded boundaries)?

Inteference, Abstract art.
A diffraction pattern created due to the interference of sunlight reflecting from the pixels of my phone screen.


Hello @UNakade,
Good questions! To your first, the understanding is that all submissions regardless of their resolution would be under that creative commons license.
For the AI question, if it’s a marginal change to an otherwise human created work, It may be acceptable. I would ask in that case to provide a source project file to show the difference.

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Fuwafuwa Nanbatto-san (ふわふわ ナンバットさん) - Mascot
Sir Fluffy Numbat (English Translation)
Hikari/Light Version with Ubuntu Colors (Ubuntu Orange and Canonical Light Aubergine)
There is also a Yume/Dark Version