New Yaru discussion for general users

Can’t we do anything about the Adwaita bluish-grey in the second window header bar ? While the first one looks very polished, the presence of gradient and shade of blue makes the adjacent window out of the box.

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Actually adwaita is rather brownish and not blueish:

Whereas our new hb bg color is a little bit blueish:

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If it is possible to do something to make it more refined, please do. The first window is really charming compared to the other.

PS : Which tool are you using to get the hex code ? Can we try it on 18.04 ?

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I’d say the opposite, the tinted one looks way better then the plain white one.

Is there any way to have Yaru (light) with dark headerbars like it was previously? I get that the white headerbars are upstream default, but I think they’re very distracting :confused:
I’d rather focus on the content of a window rather than it’s top bar, but the saliency goes to the top bar, especially if the content is somehow darker :expressionless:

As for the screenshot the most salient element is << PyCharm >>, the window title, which is quite unuseful. I imagine that in the mind of GNOME devs it made sense, with headerbars, which are actually part of the interface, when available. But not every app does (or even should) have headerbars either.

Sorry for this long thinking aloud, but I’m very sad that upsteam not-sane defaults affect downstream so much.

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P.S. I’d even be ok having some “unofficial” compiling option to do it on my own :wink::bowing_man:

So the best would be to give us users a choice between the two. Like change to white or black header bar Yaru in GNOME Settings -> Desktop.

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@frederik-f :star: +1 wish for downstream design

Start the app using "GTK_THEME=Yaru-dark " if its Gtk3, "GTK2_RC_FILES=/usr/share/themes/Yaru-dark/gtk-2.0/gtkrc " if its Gtk2

You can even edit the .desktop file to force this. e.g. to start epiphany with Yaru-dark change the .desktop file to have its Exec line be something like:

Exec=env GTK_THEME=Yaru-dark epiphany

…I do this for some web-apps that I have saved for epiphany.


I know this is prbly not a good advice, but when I use intellij based IDEs I use their fullscreen functionality, maybe this could help you.

On topic of the omnipresent titlebar on non CSD windows I wonder if we could do something to only shrink .titlebars that are not headerbars :thinking:

But you also use a dark theme inside this intellij IDE :slight_smile: you should probably use yaru-dark then


You can also use xprop to set _GTK_THEME_VARIANT if you’re in X11, which is Ubuntu default. This will instruct mutter (Ubuntu/Gnome window manager) to switch server-side decorations (mainly legacy titlebars) to a different variant, for example dark/light. This can be done dynamically, for example by binding some key to the appropriate xprop command. Some IDEs/editors provide plugins that do exactly that under X11, AFAIK vscode, atom and sublime do that, don’t know about intellij. In vscode the extension even tracks the current vscode theme and correspondingly changes gtk theme variants!


I moved to yaru-dark for the moment, but in many other apps is not as nice, like in Nautilus. About shrinking non-CSD, that’s a good idea in my opinion and it’s what Apple does, only I’m not sure how much upstream would be ok with that :thinking:

However I like the mixed theme idea better :blush:

It would be great if IntelliJ IDEs could use the same, it seems the most reasonable approach :blush:

Can you point me to such extensions? :blush:

I’m not so sure how easy it would be to edit the desktop file, as this is a snap :sweat_smile: but it could be something the developers might want to use themselves.

I don’t know about the status of Snaps nowadays, but Flatpaks tend to adapt to the theme of the app. Spotify, for instance, uses a dark topbar in Adwaita, even if the theme is light. Cp. for instance some of GNOME’s core apps, like Video and Weather.

I assume the new Yaru theme is also going to have this feature.

Aside from that, there is talk of three variants making their way to the Adwaita theme: the default light theme, the existing dark one, and an in-between ‘darker’ variant. Each of which brands like Ubuntu or Pop_OS will be free to brand/modify.

So, don’t worry, dark header bars are going to come back, and in the meantime, look out for differences between core apps, Snaps and Flatpaks.


I have yet to test snap applications with new Yaru light. I will do that this weekend. I have noticed that GNOME Weather takes the darker header bar of Yaru, but no terminal, which usually does with Adwaita.

That has to do with the settings in Terminal. Fedora uses the dark theme, Ubuntu the light one. Methinks.

@frederik-f Is there a new name under consideration ? Or is it Yaru 2.0 ?

Not that I know :slight_smile:
But Yaru 2.0 sounds somehow fittin :slight_smile: