New ubuntu-unity iso

Thanks Robert. I will modify the source and unity to the list.

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Have you done

sudo isohybrid -u ubuntu-unity-nemo-amd64.iso

before you uploaded it?

You most probably expect people to try the

Only, where can the users (testers) give a feedback about it?

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Please stay on-topic, or open a new thread.
Technical Support is not on-topic.

The community hub is not for support questions as I understand it. There is ISO Troubleshooting created from another thread. It is generally understood that persons who download the ISO have another PC to test on and understand the instability of alpha testing remixes.

I had also posted the U+1 development testing wiki link to the testers wiki which gives beta testers a basic warning about testing any of the current development cycle flavor spins.


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I don’t mind related support questions…but they need to be in a different thread(s).

Unity iso feedback is about iso feedback.
Support questions are not about iso feedback.

Simple guide: If it’s not directly about iso feedback, then side-conversations and new subjects should be in PM or a different thread.

Ubuntu MATE pre-install Redshift. If the Ubuntu Unity team see value in this feature then using Redshift is a fast path to success :slightly_smiling_face:

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@dale-f-beaudoin Can you upload a updated ubuntu-unity-ppa-amd64.iso ?


Do you want to insert the Redshift also as @Wimpress is suggesting?


Hi Martin,

Do you have sudo command of how to install Redshift?


Actually I installed in on a fresh install. I like the concept but it really darkened my Viewsonix monitor a little too much. It’s in the store if persons want to install it.


I have built a new ISO and updated it from the Dec 21 image. When I removed gnome-shell it pulled all ubiquity files. I finished the build and now the USB boots right into live-session with no options to install.

This is stock ubuntu only . No redshift, no nemo … just the ppa.

Keep in mind … any bugs on the current bionic-desktop ISO from the repos will migrate to the ubuntu-unity-ppa-amd64.iso build.



I have fixed this.
I will upload the updated .ISO. It is very stable. It is stock with nautilus and no mods.


When you are in chroot, install

ubiquity ubiquity-frontend-gtk

before, squashing the squashfs-root.

That was not it. I already fixed it another way.

Wow, what an impressive amount of progress in such a short time. Thank you.
I am not a developer, but I can test on a few different platforms. Found you this morning and glad I did. Both Nautilus and Nemo versions run well on an ancient Dell XPS Gen5.
This is a very worthwhile project imho.

Hi Dennis,
Thank you for your positive feedback.There are members on the current maintainers’ team that are diligent to see the project through and we are also fortunate to have the diligence and oversight of some of the devs from the 16.04 stack who have left the unity7-desktop in very trim and stable shape. That , along with so many tools and utilities provided by the community, has made the building process somewhat streamlined and it is many thanks to those at Canonical and several dedicated volunteers…



The new unity -live- build works awesomely well on my Acer i3 touch device. Even better than my android phone or any of my slates. :slight_smile:

Same here. It works wonderfully well on my Asus S15. Nice work. :joy:

Just a one small issue. On irc (and on some bugs) people are asking for problems on i386. I told them not to use i386 because it is not supported any more. But Ubuntu probably keep i386 builds on the archive for 18.04 cycle. So anyone can still install unity on i386. Also ubuntu-unity-meta (now on universe! ) and seed branch still supports i386… I am planning to drop it.

Though it is working on my old machine, i386 nowadays doesn’t go through any testing at all.

Is anyone here willing to test unity session on i386?

16.04 will support to 2021? with i386.

Again … you have done just an awesome job Khurshid :slight_smile:

My point of view is that we should just go with the flow and follow the path that Canonical is taking with not supporting i386 architecture for 18.04 and onwards. Just a small side note… we should also keep testing gnome3 and lend help there when we can as a gesture of goodwill as those devs have done so much for the unity7 community at large.