Unity iso meta discussion

True enough, but why do you announce an upload of an iso here, if any feedback, especially problems cannot be discussed? So, where do you want the “testers” to give a feedback? Or discuss about the “new” Nemo+Unity iso?

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You already know the answer:

iso problem feedback is on-topic.
real bugs are on-topic. (though should be explained in detail in the linked bug report, not here)
Both of those are the original subject of the thread.

Helping users diagnose problems with their own systems is off-topic. They hijack the discussion and turn iso feedback into one-person’s-personal-support thread. That’s just plain rude to everybody else.

You CAN discuss it: Simply move new subjects or side-conversations to PM or to a new topic. The “New Topic” button is not difficult to use. Once you resolve whatever the aside or diversion is, bring back the result on-topic with a simple summary.

It’s okay to have a related support thread open in the Community Hub while it’s being worked by fellow team members. That’s good team-building.
There’s no intent here to be bureaucratic.
The intent here is all about clear team-wide communication in the team-wide threads.

…Of course, if the team comes up dry and the problem languishes, then the member needs to migrate the issue over to the real support gurus in the official help channels.

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10 off-topic replies removed.
The subject of this thread is what kinds of posts are on-topic in the Unity ISO thread.

If you want to talk about nemo respins, open a new topic.
If you want to complain about not being able to provide support on this site, then PM me.
If you want to discuss how much fun it would be to bait help venues, don’t. Just don’t. That’s uncool.