New ubuntu-unity iso

My Bad. I’ll do anther sample later.

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ok… here is different home made link.

Apologies for of topic.

Hi, thanks for the great work. But your link… it leads to a bunch of Canadian flags flapping in the wind for Remembrance day, probably the wrong link?

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:blush: hehe … No … it’s not the wrong link … uh … but it is off topic. I will put up the unity7-touch link a little later.

My apologies … just having some fun :slight_smile:


@khurshid-alam ,

So can I now build an unity image without the ppa?


Here is link with unity-touch. There are some new bugs all of a sudden. I will start another thread.

Nemo stopped working on Bionic Unity today.
Edit: But still works on the other installation.

Thanks. That was temp/experimental ppa with no guarantee for updates.Edit: I’ll move the nemo test iso from the archive.


Yes. But the ppa will soon contain other things like unity-user-share etc. I will remove ubuntu-unity-desktop package from the ppa.


Can you post the terminal command I am to use to install the meta? I would like to do a new current build.

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sudo apt-get install  ubuntu-unity-desktop

I presume :wink:


mac4man will start another nemo thread at UF . I moved the nemo ISOs to nemo-iso folder at ubuntu/people, this action for further testing to come.



Yes. That’s the command. I noticed gdm3 systemd service was there with normal iso. May be it didn’t get removed with gdm3? Also now, it may be a good idea to build iso from mini iso, so that I can update the seed branch if anything missing. I will post detailed instruction how to test seed branch. Last time it didn’t work for you.

In light of security problems with Spectre and Meltdown exploitables I should wait until Jan. 9th when ubuntu will release a kernel patch. I will then download the daily/current, mini.iso and build an image then. It makes no sense building an image right now. Just a few days away. Thanks for new info.


Yes. I heard about the meltdown.

Cubic will not build an image from mini.iso.


Ok… the new bionic-desktop-current image is in for Jan. 11th/2018 so I will build another image.


Building off the mini.iso is somewhat like building from scratch, while remastering the live bionic iso is just remastering, which is what cubic does. Then, there is no 18.04 mini.iso yet.

If you would use the Jan. 11th/2018 default Ubuntu (or any later ones) to build the Unity iso, then, you should first get rid of the DE, clean the it from any residual stuff and then add the unity ppa to build the iso/installation.

I am not using the ppa. I am using the meta now. ubuntu-unity-desktop.

as mac3man reported . there are currently not many issues

Did you not read @khurshid-alam 's post -?



testing new image build from Jan. 11/18 … there still seems to be BIOS Intel Firmware bug . daily/current now jan. 12/18 so could try that.


Special Note: After hard install the BIOS fimware bug has gone. Only seems to happen with live session. Previous ubuntu-touch issue is also resolved. So I am assuming the alert is a possible f/p.

I will put up new build.


Even with the meta-package, it’d be better to install without any earlier DE in the Ubuntu (derivative) iso downloaded. That is, as there is no 18.04 mini.iso available. You can do all that through Cubic in a chroot environment. Personally, I’d choose to do that manually, to see what’s happening, rather than depending on a GUI app.

The idea, (though old, but still good) can be found here. (1) (You have to do a bit of re-arranging.) From an already installed distro.

(2) - From the live iso. You can find it also somewhere in Ubuntu wiki and in Ubuntu Forums.

From an installed system, you can use (1) to create the squashfs file, and (2) create the live iso. Additionally, you have to isohybrid the iso for usb sticks.

(All this thanks to fragadelic!)

I have added nemo from @mc3man’s to my Bionic Unity and had been using it for quite a while without a hitch. I have also uninstalled Nautilus immediately. @mc3man’s Nemo is doing pretty well!

Nemo’s side pane is not that pretty, but useful than Nautilus. Sometimes, it is better to hold on to old stuff, then developing for the sake of developing.

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