New ubuntu-unity iso

Cubic provides me with several options. I want to continue to run the meta on the daily/currents without tampering or removing other components. ubuntu-desktop, gdm3 and gnome-shell are all that need to be removed for now. These are tests for stability and they are working just well. We will wait for the 18.04 mini.

Nemo is for 18.10 spin but all are welcome to install the PPA or try the ISO which is up on the server. We will stick with nautilus this cycle unless there is a show stopper.


Me too I like nemo thank @mc3man


We are sticking with nautilus this cycle, are we not ?

Well, maybe others can also try those links I gave here and try to create isos, with or without Nemo. They can do that without tampering the live boot and such stuff.

Cubic is good, but won’t let those, who want to create isos, learn how to do that.

This had already been adressed several days ago.

This is a topic not up for debate or discussion in this thread. mac3man had already posted in another thread about nemo and we have been using an active .iso which is still in the server archives. If you would like to discuss other methods of building iso for this cycle then please use this thread.

other methods to build isos

My laptop freezes when I shutdown or restart, as in the screen freezes and the keyboard caps lock doesn’t work
running sudo poweroff in ttyl1 gave me the same result, I guess it’s a upstream Ubuntu issue but I didn’t have it before the unity iso


Can you update ubuntu-unity.iso?

Do followings:

  1. Make sure mesa is on latest version. Our current iso contains a version which broke unity.
  2. Add the Ubuntu-Unity-18.04-Testing ppa (same old ppa).
  3. Installs patched version of vino and unity-greter from the ppa. Once Ubuntu uploaded those in universe, I will remove those from ppa.
  4. Gnome removed a key from vino, and u-c-c crashed. I made a patch for vino. If they don’t accept the distro patch we again need to disable sharing panel from u-c-c. :disappointed:

We also need to decide about unity-settings. We want it on universe. See bug:

But regardless of the status we could still push unity-settings to universe? No?

Latest version of gdebi doesn’t work on bionic. Try to install a deb with gdebi. Does it work? Running gdebi-gtk app.deb in terminal gives me error

No protocol specified
Unable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused 

Can anyone confirm ?


I’ll get on this asap.


Just got this msg now. Looking…

Works just fine here.

Screenshot from 2018-02-02 12-25-20

please give me example of example.deb package I can test further.

Uh… so is the meta still:



So this is meta from Jan 1st. 2018. Is this the updated version?

Being uploaded now.

After I installed it it prompted for updates. The Desktop-Sharing icon was crashing u-c-c but after the auto-update, reboot it is working now :slight_smile:
Bravo :joy:


Download any deb from anywhere and then try to install it with gdebi-gtk name-of-the-package.deb. Does it work for you?


It works just fine on the new image.

Screenshot from 2018-02-03 08-18-43


Did you try the new image?

No. I will try today. I guess it’s a problem with live iso where user is root. I will check.

I haven’t updated meta but will do soon.