Network Manager

Network Manager

NetworkManager is a system network service that manages your network devices and connections and attempts to keep network connectivity active when available. It manages Ethernet, WiFi, mobile broadband (WWAN) and PPPoE devices while also providing VPN integration with a variety of different VPN services.

By default network management on Ubuntu Core is handled by systemd’s networkd and netplan. However, when NetworkManager is installed, it will take control of all networking devices in the system by creating a netplan configuration file in which it sets itself as the default network renderer.

What NetworkManager Offers

The upstream NetworkManager project offers a wide range of features and most, but not all of them, are available in the snap package at the moment.

Currently we provide support for the following high level features:

  • WiFi connectivity
  • WWAN connectivity (together with ModemManager)
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • WiFi access point creation
  • Shared connections

Currently we do not support the following features:

  • VPN

Upstream documentation

Existing documentation from the upstream project can be found here.


Level Path Navlink
1 about-network-manager About NetworkManager
0 Install & Configure
1 install Install NetworkManager
1 exploring-network-status Explore Network Status
1 configure-wifi-connections Configure WiFi Connections
1 configure-wifi-access-points Configure WiFi Access Points
1 configure-cellular-connections Configure Cellular Connections
1 configure-shared-connections Configure shared connections
1 networkmanager-and-netplan NetworkManager and netplan
1 edit-connections Edit Connections
1 routing-tables Routing Tables
1 logging-messages Logging Messages
0 Reference
1 Snap Configuration
2 snap-configuration/default-renderer Default renderer
2 snap-configuration/debug Debug
2 snap-configuration/connectivity-check Connectivity check
2 snap-configuration/wake-on-wlan Wake on WLAN
2 snap-configuration/wifi-powersave WIFi Powersave
2 networkmanager-available-commands Available Commands
2 networkmanager-dbus-api DBUS API
0 release-notes Release Notes
0 report-a-bug Report a Bug
0 Ubuntu Core docs