Debug NetworkManager

Debug is a feature that controls the amount of logs produced by the network-manager snap. It is useful for collecting information required to either report a bug or investigate a network-manager failure (if happens).

It is disabled by default and has to be explicitly turned on for usage.

Note that the debug logs may contain sensitive information.

Enable Debug

The network-manager snap provides a single configuration option which can be used to turn the debug feature either on or off:

  • debug.enable

The option takes a boolean value. The meaning of the possible values are:

  • true: Enable logging debug information
  • false (default): Disable logging debug information

Changing the debug configuration option has immediate effect and also affects future executions of the NM daemon.

Example: Enable debug feature

$ snap set network-manager debug.enable=true

Example: Disable debug feature.

$ snap set network-manager debug.enable=false

Viewing logs

The debug information, when enabled, will be available in the journal and can be viewed with:

$ journalctl --no-pager -l -u