Minseong Cho | Membership Application

Hi, everyone! I’m Minseong Cho. I’d like to apply Ubuntu membership.

My launchpad page:

I’m currently a member of Ubuntu Korean LoCo Team


This year, I was one of Ubucon ASIA 2022 organizers.

What I managed at the event are,

Planning event was little bit busy, cause of parallel with work.
But, I was so impressed by meeting Ubuntu lovers In-person.

[Further Goals]

  • Continue to organize LoCo in South Korea.
    • I found that I like the moment to meet who also like Ubuntu and talking.
  • Blogging Some Aricles about how to start swimming in Ubuntu.
    • Like ibus, GPG Keys & so on, it is little struggling to dive into Ubuntu for korean ubuntu beginners, I think.
    • My personal blog is under construction, but I’m planning to finish in next year and post some tutorials based on my experience.

Thanks :slight_smile:

For CoC, I signed CoC on Dec. 4th, 2022

I haven’t looked much far into your profiles, but to me it looks like your contributions are way too recent, and not anything sustained in time?


Hi, thanks for feedback. I attach our meeting note below. We have started meeting to prepare event from Jul 23.

Hello mscho7969

+1 to mapreri’s response from me.

Though it is commendable that you seek this next step, you do need the time and effort exerted to show your commitment.
Please see:
In that it is "sustained and significant contributions …contributing for 6 months of sustained contributions, "
as well as support for your submission from your peers.

Your attention is invited to the above criteria; at the time you meet these requirements I do encourage you to re-submit your request.




Hello, bashing-om. Thanks for recommendations.

That’s what I forgot to remind before applying.

I’ll put some more effort to contribution.
I wish I meet requirements, next re-submit.

Have a nice day!


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mscho7969 ; Great

I appreciate that you take this as an opportunity to increase your level of contribution.

From what you have begun, you will do well. I look forward to those times we meet next.



+1 to @mapreri & @bashing-om

@mscho7969 , thanks and appreciated your contribution to the UbuCon Asia events. We are looking forward to more contribution in the future…

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@fenris, thanks for encourage. Recently - last weekend -, I had a presentation for college students to take a look Ubuntu Korea Community Environment :slight_smile: