UbuCon Asia 2022 - Meeting notes thread

In this topic, Meeting minutes for UbuCon Asia 2022 Local(Korean) team and Global team will be published after periodic meetings.

Local team meeting | July 23 1:00 PM ~ 3:30 PM UTC+9

Present: Youngbin Han @sukso96100, Joowon Jung @edenjint3927, Jongmin Kim @jmkim, Giyeon Bang, Minseong Cho, Gyuseok Jung, Junhyeon Bae, Sangkon Han

Meeting recording https://youtu.be/l1owCDQilUg


Korean team Bi-weekly meeting time

Bi-weekly meeting will be on Saturday 2PM~4PM
Next meeting will be on Aug 6

Confirmed Venue details

4 rooms

  • International Conference Room(3F, 392 Seats): Main hall, Mostly Lecture sessions and Lighting talks
  • Mid-sized Conference Room 1(3F, 63 Seats): Will be used for Sponsor booth area
  • Mid-sized Conference Room 2(3F, 23 Seats): Will be used for BoFs and small breakout sessions
  • Large Conference Room(4F, 100 Seats): Will be used for Workshops and few Lecturs
  • Lobby and Front desk: For registration and Interpreter reciver pickups and attendee lounge

Who will join Global team meetings?

Youngbin Han, Giyeon Bang, Jongmin Kim

Timeslot drafts for 2 days event.

1 Keynote (45min + 15min break time)
10 Lectures(Talks) (45min + 15min break time)
2 Extended/Deep-dive Lectures(Talks) (75min + 15min break time)
5 Workshops (90min)
8 BoFs (45min + 15min break time)
6 Lighting talks (5min)
1 Opening speech (30min)
1 Closing speech (30min)
Total 34 slots

Budget plan items that needs quotations

  • T-shirts and swags
  • Travel support budget(overseaes departures) / Budget for domestic departures are fine
  • X-Banners and Hanging banners budget
  • Audio setup
  • Tax accountant - For managing Ubuntu Korea accounting and paying tax
  • Live streaming setup
  • Legal staff fees - For writting sponsorship contracts
  • Simultaneous interpreter fees

Legal issues

Ubuntu Korea has a business registration since ealier this year (business registration for small nonprofits)
and pays VAT and Corporation Tax, Ubuntu Korea can also issue Tax invoice But doesn’t have legal personality.
Can Ubuntu Korea make direct sponsorship contracts with sponsors?

  • Local sponsors: Should be ok, There are some cases that communities with similar registration received sponsorship for their events. But need double check.
  • Overseas sponsors(e.g. Canonical): Not sure, Need to check with lawer or legal staffs

Timeline re-arrangement.

Didn’t have much time to discuss. Youngbin will bring draft of re-arranged timelines


In-person tickets will be paid tickets due to interpreter budget and other budet factors

  • Early-bird 15,000 KRW
  • List prict 20,000 KRW
  • Donation tickets 50,000 KRW or 100,000 KRW

Event platform for ticketing

Due to payment method issues, We will use 2 seperate system.
Korean-to-Korean paypal is blocked due to legal issues and Korean event platforms has no support for foreign payments.

  • Korean: Festa.io or Event-Us
  • Foreigners: Ti-To(with Paypal), Eventyay(quite buggy last year)

Handling payments for travel sponsorship

  • There are 2 ways, No 1. Is less burden. But with No 2. we can book rooms earlier for cheaper prices.
  1. Ask beneficiary to book transport tickets and accomodation and reimbursement later. Only make booking from organizer side If beneficiary ask for help.
  2. Book transport tickets and accomodations from organizing team. Ask beneficiary to book by themselves only if required amount exceeds budget.

Action items

  • Jongmin to check quotation for travel sponsorship budget
  • Junhyeon to look for Tax account and Legal staffs and ask for quotations
  • Giyeon to research on budget for banners and audio setup
  • Youngbin to research on budget for T-shirts and swags
  • Junhyeon and Jongmin to work together on budget quotation for Simultaneous interpreter fees, interpreter booth and interpretation receivers.
  • Youngbin and Minseong to research on budget for Live streaming setup
  • Jongmin to share potential sponsor list
  • Jongmin to reach out potential sponsors

Next meeting

Aug 6 2:00 PM ~ 4:00 PM UTC+9


Local team meeting | Aug 6 2:00 PM ~ 4:00 PM UTC+9

Video recording: https://youtu.be/P8QsGlAYJh0



Check action items from last meetings

Check quotations for accomodations, flights, visa and other travel related stuffs - @jmkim

  • Contact with travel agency: They said they need fixed number of people who departs from overseas, Therefore, Can’t make quotation for that currently.
  • Booking flights through Korean travel agency is much more expansive then overseaes participants book themselves. Because the agency book flights through other broker companies.
  • Hotels (4 stars): About 100,000 KRW for 1 night expected.
  • Visa: Most Travel agency only deals with visa if customer also book hotels and flights through them. It would be better to reach out visa agency for issuing visa for speakers and organizers.
  • @jmkim also shared some info on K-MICE program. A sponsorship program by Korea Tourism Organization and Seoul Tourism Organizatoin (Korean government organization) for international conference to be hold in Korea.

Legal & Tax accounting - Junhyeon Bae

  • Reached out for tax account and lawyer to ask about event tax accounting and sponsorship contract. Didn’t got some answers or rough quotations yet.
  • Found lawyer who can work on writting sponsorship contract with overseas sponsors, Currently reaching out.

Banner quotations

  • Giyeon Bang not participated meeting this time, Will check with him later.

Swag quotations - @sukso96100

  • T-shirts: About 6,500 KRW for a t-shirt.
  • Hood zip-ups: About 15,000~40,000 KRW. Vary by quality. - This will be provided to participants who bought donation ticket or speakers, organizers.
  • Stickers: 100mm*100mm with 8 cutouts * 1000 sheets = 63,580 KRW -> Can giveaway to all participants.

Live streaming and video recording setup quotations - @sukso96100, Minseong Cho

  • @sukso96100’s quotations: About 5,000,000 for 2 days
    • Including Live-streaming equipments for Intl room and recording for other rooms, Microphones and Service fee.
  • Minseong Cho’s quotations: About 6,000,000 ~ 7,000,000 KRW
    • Including Live-streaming equipments for Intl room and recording for other rooms, Microphones and Service fee. - Also including setup for Audio system at venue(Audio mixer, microphone, etc) and video call streaming setup
    • The audio system setup is duplicate with what Giyeon is researching. Will need to talk with him for alignments.

Simultaneous Interpretations and equipments - @jmkim, Junhyeon Bae

  • Junhyeon reached out DevOps Korea who has similar expereince. Didn’t got any response yet, Will share details once he got response.
  • @jmkim - Simultaneous Interpretations + equipments + VAT = Approx 6,050,000 KRW

Suggestions on budget plan

  • Seperate budget for travel into 2 piceses: Hotels budget and Flights/Train budget
    • Some people may only need one of hotels or flights/train.
    • The budget is limited, It will be difficult to provide sponsorship for all organizers, speakers and volunteers. By spliting into 2 parts, We can at least provide hotel options
  • Application form for travel sponsorship.
    • Because not everybody would need sponsorship from us, Some people might get travel sponsorship from other programs (E.g. From their schools, work or other organizations)
    • We receive application on travel sponsorship and decide which person we will provide sponsorship first.
  • Dedicate internet setup budget.
    • Nuritkum Square (The venue) only provides 100M network. Should be find for web searching and ticketing. But might not be suitable for live streaming.

Schedules and Timelines

  • Deadline for opening CFP: Aug 29
  • Receive proposals for 4 weeks
  • Can be extended 2 more weeks if we could not got enough proposals
  • CFP can be opened once proposal form, guidelines and marketing materials are ready.
  • Short talk sessions? (20-25min?): Sure, why not?


  • Offline marketing (Putting posters on universities, companies) might be also effective promotion campaign.
  • Need some promo materials for CFP, Tickets and more that can be inserted on email or website.
  • Promotion LinkedIn: People frequently use LinkedIn as their resume, they can put UbuCon atttendance on their profile.


  • Domestic: festa.io, Overseas: ti.to with paypal
  • festa.io payouts after the events while ti.to payout after ticket purchase with few days of delay.

Finances and sponsorship

  • Sponsorship amount muse be deposited until late October (Not much time left!)
  • Budget plan and sponsorship program must be finalized until late this month.

Actions items

  • Check whether Ubuntu Korea can make direct sponsorship contract with overseas sponsors (by next week) Junhyeon Bae
  • Check quotations for lawyer and tax accountant (by next meeting) - Junhyeon Bae
  • Write draft for CFP submission info, CFP writting guidelines and Proposal review guidelines by next meeting - Sangkon Han
  • Write draft for Travel sponsorship application form - Sangkon Han, @jmkim
  • Research on Hood zip-ups and other swag quotations - @sukso96100, Minseong Cho
  • Create LinkedIn page for UbuCon Asia - @jmkim
  • Check hotel cancelation policy for various cancelation reason: Test positive for COVID-19, Flight delayed, etc. - @jmkim
  • Sign-up and research on ti.to platform @sukso96100
  • Write sponsorship program draft @sukso96100
  • Publish CFP information on website once CFP info provided - @edenjint3927

Next meeting

Aug 20 2 PM UTC+9


Global team meeting | Aug 6 1:00 PM ~ 3:00 PM UTC+0

Video recording: https://youtu.be/eioG43PTRvo


  • @sukso96100
  • @jmkim - South Korea (Individual)
  • Giyeon Bang - C++ Korea Moderator, Participating UbuCon Asia team this year, Working as part-time instructor at middle-high school
  • @robbinespu - Malaysia, Software Engineer, Second time to join UbuCon Asia team
  • Masafumi Ohta - Raspberry Pi Japan Leader, Runs his own company? Interested on public sector and public cloud. Started teaching at University 2 years ago.
  • Ravi - from Nepal
  • Burgess Chang
  • Hong Phuc Dang (FOSSASIA)


  • Introduce yourself
  • How we work
    • Bi-weekly meeting - saturday 1 PM UTC / 10 PM UTC +9
    • Meeting note - Write on google docs during meeting, Publish on Ubuntu Discourse after meeting.
  • Reports on UbuCon Asia 2022 outlines, Venue informations and timelines
    • Venue - NIPA (Nuritkum Square, Seoul, South Korea)
      • No camera/video provide for livestream
      • Korean team made a budget item for livestream provider (company)
    • Shared timetable draft
    • VISA: Masafumi said korean team should also look on COVID-19 requirements for entering Korea.
  • Team sign ups - assigned global team members to each teams with specific roles
  • Discuss about event preparation timelines
    • Open CFP Until Aug 29, Accept proposals for 4 weeks -> CFP should open earlier then this. no later than 15 Aug
  • Timetable feedbacks
  • Budgets

Action items

  • Content team: draft CFS, can use last year content, guideline how to write proposal, guideline for reviewing proposal - aim to release the CFS no later than 15 Aug
  • Sponsorship team: finalize budget plan and update sponsorship prospectus (in Korean), contacts of sponsors
  • Marketing team: artworks, digital banners, email templates, social media plan
  • Travel team: publish info. abt travel to Korea (visa, covid restriction, tourist information, n so on)
  • General team: publish meeting notes, meeting recording, prepare meeting agenda

Next meeting

Aug 20 1 PM UTC+0