Minseong Cho | Membership Application

Hi, everyone! I’m Minseong Cho.
I’d like to apply Ubuntu membership, again. (cf. My application in last year )

== Details ==

== Brief ==




[Further Goals]

  • Continue to organize LoCo in South Korea.
    • I found that I like the moment to meet who also like Ubuntu and talking.
  • Blogging Some Aricles about how to start swimming in Ubuntu.
    • Like ibus, GPG Keys & so on, it is little struggling to dive into Ubuntu for korean ubuntu beginners, I think.
    • As my personal blog is built, so I will post continuously some tutorials based on my experience in Korean.

Thanks :slight_smile:

For CoC, I signed CoC on Dec. 4th, 2022


Yes mscho7969

Apparently your time has been well spent .

Please complete your application by selecting your desired meeting date/time:

I look forward to processing this application. We see you on the IRC channel.



I see some translation activity by Minseong Cho.
Minseong Cho
Hopefully the translations will go into overdrive before the
Membership Meeting.
Looks as if, just starting contributing for Ubuntu.

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Thanks for approving, See you on this week!

I’ll try but translation is not my main interest. Is it a little bit difficult to translate with nuance. :innocent:

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A suggestion to help:
A place to start.
How about Ubuntu translations in Korean
Perhaps you would be more interested in helping fix
Ubuntu OS problems.
Both of these you get contribution credit with Ubuntu.

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Welcome our newest member to the family fold :smiley:

In the 19 July board meeting mscho - by unanimous vote - in recognition of service and contributions; a successful application for Ubuntu Membership was conducted.


Keep up your good works



Congratulations, hope we see more of you here
at Discourse. :grin: :+1: