LoCo Team Portal

The loco team portal is unmaintained (for 5 years), full of bugs (with no response), contains spam and links to dodgy websites. The data is outdated and inaccurate.

(Is it) / (it is) time to
a) fix this
b) nuke the site


Items are still shown from it in UWN

The following LoCo team events are currently scheduled in the next two weeks:

source: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2464295 or https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue689

I’ve assumed those details are still valid…
Am I missing something?

I don’t understand which of the 5 or so points I raised, that you’re addressing?

I suppose I’m not addressing any…

I’m really concerned as we (Ubuntu News) use it as a source for upcoming events, that we’re using detail that isn’t of any use to readers (or far worse, wrong or misleading)

If the data I listed is all valid; then I’m probably highlighting it needs your option (a) fix it. :slight_smile: (or move it)

Some of the data may well be valid. I think you’re seeing the valid data and consuming it. That data actually comes from other places though. So if the site were nuked, you could still get the information you need. However, if all the problems were solved, and the site was kept up, you’d also still be able to get the info, but a bit easier in once place.

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I spent some considerable time updating the code to submit some patches improving things a few years ago on prompting via the Ubuntu Podcast mentioning it needed some love. Unfortunately these never got committed by a maintainer, nor any comments indicating that anyone had even seen them.

Bug #1372124 “The Django version that the LTP uses is unsupporte…” : Bugs : LoCo Team Portal (launchpad.net)

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Yeah, I don’t think any resources (read: developers) have been assigned to work on it for a long while now.

Including the Community Council’s Local Communities Research Committee seems wise so we get unity of action. (Hello @torsten.franz)

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And yet some LoCo’s are still attempting to follow the guidelines set forth. Such as in the Team Reporting: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TeamReports. Ubuntu-us-az has faithfully submitted monthly reports up to and including June 2021 in spite of the fact that the reporting website has not been updated since 2016-01-16. We are not sure if the data submitted is of use to anyone other than the Arizona Team or if it is even looked at by anyone outside of the Team.
We have also faithfully submitted our events to the Team Portal in spite of the bugs, one of which is the inability to add a new individual to host an event (#1661888 and #1787825) and yes the data that we have submitted is valid. Although the name of the current host may not be correct, the name listed still has the information about the event.


Hello Popey and the others,

Being a former member of the loco council, was thinking if there is a way to ressurect loco teams and the loco council, Had sent an email to the community council regarding the same but no response till now.


@kewisch is probably the best person to tag on this.

@popey Thanks.

@kewisch: looking for your further guidance. Will start a new thread regarding the same.


Thanks @bhavi, I’ve responded on the new thread. Appreciate your effort on this!

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