Kinetic Kudu 22.10 Wallpaper Competition 🖼

Welcome to the Kinetic Kudu edition of the Ubuntu Wallpaper Competition! The release is just around the corner and we’re eager to get some community wallpaper to the masses. Can you imagine your creation might be available to millions of people worldwide?

We will be collecting submissions in responses to this thread. Once submission closes we will provide a link to vote for your favorite submission. The top 10 images will be featured on discourse, Ubuntu social media, and in a blog on The top TWO submissions will make it into the 22.10 official release image!

To take part, get your creative juices flowing and respond to this thread with your work of art. Please ensure the following:

  • You must own the rights to the image you are submitting, it should be your original work of art.
  • The full quality image must be 3840x2160px. We advise posting a smaller image preview to make it quicker to load and will reach out on the final image once we’ve determined the finalists.
  • Please ensure you create a high quality image. Avoid image compression artifacts, pixelation, chromatic aberration and noise. Please do not add any watermarks, names or logos. See also these helpful guidelines from GNOME on screen backgrounds.
  • When posting your image, please include a note that you are licensing the image as CC BY-SA 4.0 or CC BY 4.0. If you do not specify a license we will assume CC BY-SA 4.0. By entering the competition you are agreeing to these license terms.
  • See this page for detailed information regarding our rules.

We are on a shorter deadline this time around, here are the important dates:

  • 2022-08-31T00:00:00Z (now!) — we open submissions in this thread
  • 2022-09-16T00:00:00Z — Submissions close, and we begin the voting period here
  • 2022-09-23T00:00:00Z — Voting closes
  • 2022-09-23T12:00:00Z — The winners are announced during the day and the winning wallpapers are prepared to go into Ubuntu 22.10 beta.

If you are looking for inspiration take a look at the 22.04 results or 21.10 results. Time to get creative again, we’re excited to see how you would like to dress the Kudu this year!

Voting has closed! Here are the results as of 00:00 UTC. Because we’ve received so many amazing submissions, we’ve expanded the set to 5 wallpapers (and one tie). The following will be in Ubuntu Kinetic Kudu:

These wallpapers were also pretty amazing, if you enjoy them as well feel free to add them to your wallpaper set:


Here is my first submission for the Ubuntu 22.10 wallpaper competiton! I call it California Sand.

A lossless version is available here:!AsLd9DeUpIxljC5dlmKN3BZ6ScSy?e=2ww7wq


Wallpaper name : saffron

full image :


Here are my submissions this time:
Cloudy Day

Engulfed in Darkness

Yellow Roses

As always, good luck everyone!


Wallpaper name : The Kudu with Light and Dark theme

light :
dark :


Here is my suggestion. No special name, so just Ubuntu 22.10


My entry


Simple Kudu


We don’t have Kudus in our forest, but lots of deers (almost kudus :slight_smile: )


IMG_2224 (コピー)
CC BY 4.0 小山田純


The Obersee lake near Königssee in Bavaria, Germany. Original resolution: 5838x3301 pixels. CC BY-SA 4.0


Here is my second submission to the competition. It is available in both light and dark mode:

Here is how the transition looks in Ubuntu 22.10:!AsLd9DeUpIxljDLGgeTWdnoFfayu?e=eiFoAZ


@vanvugt I’m considering making different variations of my wallpaper corresponding to the Ubuntu 22.10 accent colors. For example when a blue accent color is selected, the wallpaper will change to a blue version like this:

Then when dark mode is activated with the blue accent color, the desktop will change to this wallpaper:

Would something like this be possible?


Here are my submissions! Wallpaper name: Mountaintop Kudu.
Here is the Dark Theme


Here is my light theme version of ‘Mountaintop Kudu’



I don’t think having a separate wallpaper for each accent colour is something we could ship, even if we bent the rules for what “one” wallpaper is. Because that number of files likely would be too large. I also don’t know if GNOME can auto-select wallpapers by colour.

So there are multiple reasons why I don’t think having separate wallpapers per colour is something we could do.


@vanvugt Thanks for your response. I’ll just keep it one color for now. If my artwork is selected I may make more variations available available via a third-party PPA.

I prefer the one in the 1st post, is it possible to have it without the text and the Ubuntu logo?

aurora kudu light theme


Here is another variation of my design with the gradients adjusted to look like the wallpaper of Ubuntu 20.04 “Focal Fossa”.