JPEG-XL Support

As libjxl is available currently in the 23.10 builds, could libjxl-gdk-pixbuf and libjxl-gimp-plugin be made available as well? As the format gains traction it would be great to have full desktop support ready.

I am currently running 22.04 with 0.8.2 of these libraries from upstream at and it’s been working great.

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gimp in 23.10 seems to depend on libjxl already.

As for libjxl-gdk-pixbuf, it looks like the jpeg-xl source package builds it by default but we’re failing to put it in a binary package? Please report a bug for that.

The gdk-pixbuf plugin is a new feature for libjxl 0.8 but we only have 0.7 in Ubuntu. The new version has several failing build tests that need to be handled before we can get it into Ubuntu.

Unfortunately, it’s too late for this to happen for Ubuntu 23.10 but it’s on our todo list for Ubuntu 24.04 LTS.

By the way, the GNOME designers considered making their default GNOME 45 wallpaper use JPEG XL but had to delay that proposal to a future GNOME release because of issues with the 0.8 version.


It’s in 0.7 too:

$ ls src/jpeg-xl-0.7.0/plugins/gdk-pixbuf/
CMakeLists.txt   loaders_test.cache
jxl.thumbnailer  pixbufloader-jxl.c
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Thank you for the correction. We can’t enable the gdk-pixbuf plugin in 0.7 because it requires skcms to build but skcms has not been packaged as a .deb in Ubuntu. That build dependency is no longer required in 0.8.


Any chance of this making it into 24.04?

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Version 0.9.2 is out and notes the following:

bugs in the gdk-pixbuf plugin
some build issues

The first thing to fix is that jpeg-xl’s autopkgtests are failing in Debian Experimental.

Honestly, we are very late to get it considered to have jpeg-xl installed by default, but there is still time to get jpeg-xl updated so that it has gdk-pixbuf support which enables it to be used for desktop wallpaper, GNOME image viewers, etc.

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That would be a great start. I’ve been using the Debian packages from their Git repo with 22.04 and this has worked for me for the past year or so. Of course official and default support would be much better once that’s in-place.

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Probably already aware of this, but .10 just dropped and it seems like a significant release:

Thank you for your work to make JXL available, even if not in the default install

In Ubuntu 24.04 gimp Version: 2.10.36-2 and gthumb Version: 3:3.12.4-2 are both using libjxl0.7 and capable to manage jpeg XL images

There have been security updates between 0.7 and current… I wonder if those fixes were backported or if those libraries are vulnerable

For reference: