JPEG-XL Support for 24.04

Posting here as original topic was posted in Desktop (JPEG-XL Support)

Would there be support for JPEG-XL support in 24.04? Version 0.9.2 just dropped recently and mentions build issue fixes along with gdk-pixbuf fixes. (

Would be great to have format capabilities with this LTS as it has a lot of potential going forward and adoption is steadily growing.

You can see on jpeg-xl package : Ubuntu that there will be 0.7.0.

This a package in “universe” for Ubuntu and Debian hasn’t updated past 0.7.0 either except in experimental with 0.8.2; I can’t tell if there are specific issues with newer versions.

Note that this is a package maintained by the Desktop team and not by Foundations (which is probably one of the reasons this wasn’t answered before).

I now see that Jeremy has talked about failing tests in JPEG-XL Support - #8 by jbicha .