Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 15 December 2022

Previous status can be found here: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 8 December 2022

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  • subiquity
    • Publish Subiquity 22.12.1
    • found LP: #1999173 issue with deletion of raids, do PR: 1515 / PR: 1516 about it
    • Investigated changes to user groups. Proposal is to not add the user to the lxd group (did PR: 1518 about that) but doing so means regular users can’t create lxd containers without additional config. Merged PR: 1471 instead, to implement the change for Desktop but keep Server as-is. Needs more thought.
    • PR: 1520 work on distutils deprecation and enable the lunar build. Allowed merging the long open PR: 1486 to add lunar as a CI test target.
  • boot chooser
    • investigate memory ranges for reservation with pmem, write casper-friendly script to manage this
    • work more on unicode enabled casper ncursesw app for selecting which ISO to chain-boot to. Using libjson-c for handling simplestream JSON.
  • proposed-migration: handle the test failure of pypy (the python 2 one), which was holding back libffi and other things. Test depends on a now removed py2 package, and given that pypy for python2 is pending removal, I fixed with a hint.
  • Sponsored upload for LP: #1998787 on unattended-upgrades
  • do my outstanding merges - syncs for klibc/hydra/cloudpickle, merge kiwi
  • SRU self-validation of LP: #1981385
  • candidate packet reviews
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+1 week

  • golang-github-vultr-govultr blocked by golang-github-xenolf-lego -> Backported upstream patch to make golang-github-xenolf-lego work with govultr 2 and uploaded golang-github-xenolf-lego 4.1.3-5 (including the Ubuntu patch) and synced to lunar
  • Retriggered failed tests for golang-github-prometheus-client-golang migration -> autopkgtest of golang-github-mwitkow-go-conntrack fails
  • prometheus-node-exporter FTBFS -> golang-github-mdlayher-ethtool
  • golang-github-mdlayher-ethtool:
  • golang-github-containers-psgo:
    • FTBFS -> golang-github-containers-storage (>> 1.37.2) FTBFS -> golang-github-containerd-stargz-snapshotter (>= 0.8.0-3) FTBFS -> caused by vendored containerd -> Ubuntu bug #1998847
    • Pushed two commits to to fix the dependencies of the -dev package
    • Submitted tested patch for Ubuntu bug #1998847
    • Added missing dependency to golang-github-containerd-stargz-snapshotter and uploaded 0.12.0-2 to Debian unstable
    • Uploaded containerd 1.6.12-0ubuntu2 (LP: #1998847)
    • Added missing dependency to golang-github-containers-storage and uploaded 1.43.0+ds1-3 to Debian unstable
  • Synced golang-google-grpc 1.32.0-3 from unstable to lunar (needed for golang-github-containerd-stargz-snapshotter)
  • python-mailer: Fixed autopkgtest failure and uploaded 0.8.1-6 to unstable
  • Triggered re-run of failed tests for golang-github-prometheus-common


  • apport: Upload 2.23.1-0ubuntu3.1 SRU to kinetic (including the needed paperwork)
  • ca-certificates-java: Sponsored SRU upload bug #1998065
  • sbuild: Sponsored autopkgtest fix for armhf (LP: #1998479)
  • Upload python-cheroot 9.0.0+ds1-2 and synced to lunar (LP: #1998970)
  • osinfo-db: Verfied SRU for jammy (LP: #1985148)


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  • proposed migration: looked at mysql which has a flaky test on ppc64el; Server team is already disabling the test in the latest package
  • OpenSSL merge is waiting review
  • More work on spec for crypto policies which will turn into several documents (at least: base, custom/dynamic configuration, crypto detection)
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  • Investigated two proposed migration packages (mysql-8 and python-lz4) that were blocked due to regressions.


  • Migration to pytest is completed (PR#302)
  • NetworkManager + Netplan integration refactoring is ready for review (netplan-nm-1-40)
  • Created a little PoC for a netplan state iterator that might be useful
  • Investigated a bug report related to a race condition during systemd daemon-reload while the netplan generator calls a systemd service (LP#1999178)
  • Non-inclusive language checking PR is ready for review (PR#303)
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  • proposed migration: cryptsetup blocking popt, libjsonperl, json-c
  • Sponsored dbus merge for @waveform
  • Lots of greenhouse
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aggregate of the last two weeks (4 days off)


  • investigated unmount error (EBUSY) with drivers overlay -> a call to sync or sync -f is not enough to prevent the unmount error. Have to investigate more but using umount -f could be an option in specific situations. Might have to look into processes having open files in a FS used as a lowerdir.
  • finished spec document for making subiquity more robust to APT errors.
  • more work towards implementing mirror testing and fallback
  • investigated CI failure caused by network issue. SSH key import from github failed because of the network error but it resulted in a misleading UI exception. Resurrected and merged PR 1324 where I made sure a meaningful exception will be raised if the error occurs again.
  • merged PR 1505 to address an issue where the desktop installer would be suggested gpgpu drivers (for server)
  • some testing with the subiquity-based desktop installer


  • investigated cmake regression in lunar which was caused by a CVE patch in git. The new upstream cmake (already in lunar-release) fixes the issue so rerunning autopkgtest against the new version fixes the regression. An additional effort will be needed to address the same issue in stable releases since the CVE patch in git is / will be deployed in stable releases.
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  • validated fix for installing JDK 19 on Jammy


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  • Worked on adding 2 new autopkgtest-web workers with more resources, first tested this in staging and then worked on it in production.
  • Setup a more informative way to queue autopkgtests via the retry-autopkgtests, vipe, xargs, wget pipeline by using curl instead of wget. However, this revealed that the web servers would return a status code of 200 even if you need to log in. Which leads to…
  • After testing a cowboy’ed change in production to use a status code of 403 if log in is required I submitted an MP with that same change.
  • While looking to see what actually was queued by using queues.json I was reminded of bug 1998119 and figured I’d fix it as its in the same area of code. Tested it in staging and submitted an MP with the fix.
  • Brought down the two original autopkgtest-web (apache2) servers.
  • Reported a bug regarding receiving more 403s than expected from the autopkgtest servers.


  • Submitted an MP to ubuntu-archive-tools modifying the recommended way to run retry-autopkgtest-regressions so that you get information about the status of your request e.g. 403 or 200.
  • Merged Paride’s branch adding kinetic to meta-release-proposed.
  • Updated the server with the updated meta-release-proposed file.
  • Additionally added a script for checking the urls in the meta-release files something which I’d kept to myself for 4 years or so!
  • Sponsored an upload of prometheus-ipmi-exporter for @enron.


  • Reviews of candidate essays.
  • Conducted an interview.
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