Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 13 April 2023

The previous status is here: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 06 April 2023

Testing 23.04 images

  • Images published with RISC-V 6.2 kernel work fine


  • Fixed a problem building against 6.2 kernel, LP #2006130
  • Added a missing build dependency

23.10 roadmap

  • Update RISC-V roadmap


  • Reviewed written interviews




  • take-home-test reviews
  • candidate interviews
  • Pulse planning
  • HR stuff


  • Using @paelzer’s new identify-removals-from-rebuilds script, worked through removals of a number of packages that FTBFS in lunar and either are removed from Debian testing, or are Ubuntu-only and unmaintained. This is the first time going through the list of candidates all the way, so there was quite a backlog and it took some time, but this will improve our overall buildability within the stable release and help address some concerns from the Security Team about not being able to rebuild packages for toolchain security updates.
  • Did the hopefully last round of NBS removals for kernels in lunar. Hit some snags because linux-riscv being a revision behind meant there were binaries that were NBS on amd64, arm64 but not on riscv64, causing some churn
  • added menu to the i386 whitelist, fixing the last uninstallable on i386 (not actually needed because even if someone had installed mwm it would have used the amd64 menu package, but now the report is clean).
  • final components-mismatches cleanup of the cycle.


  • Reviews of the unapproved queue
  • Light poking at -proposed in general


  • Finished a full-archive analysis of shared libraries for 64-bit time_t ABI breakage on armhf:
  • sync new version of ruby-omniauth-oauth2-generic to fix a build failure; found via identify-removals-from-rebuilds
  • sync new version of dnscrypt-proxy to fix a build failure
  • sync new version of sccache to fix a build failure on armhf
  • identified that turning on NoAutomatic for lunar-proposed meant PROPOSED=1 image builds no longer worked as intended. Uploaded fixes to livecd-rootfs and live-build and tested that it now worked.
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  • Fixed FTBFS in aptdaemon
  • grub questions
  • Work in apt snapshots


  • Investigated how to snap package dotnet apps manually (without the dotnet plugin)
  • Investigated the current state of the dotnet snap plugin
  • Working on a snapcraft tutorial for the official docs on how to snap a dotnet app with the dotnet plugin
    • Created a small command-line dotnet app snap as an example for the tutorial
    • Wrote a first draft of the tutorial
    • Forked the example app repo to snapcraft-docs
    • Submitting the final version to the Snapcraft Discourse today
  • Investigating dotnet 7 source build failing when running ./ directly

On holiday / childcare duties for most of the week, so not much to report:

  • Writing of lunar blog posts
  • Working on livecd-rootfs vs ubuntu-image build issues
  • Pi meetings
  • +1 Maintenance
  • FTBFS reports for second Lunar Lobster test rebuild
  • Reviewing and processing upload of seeded packages in the Lunar ‘Unapproved’ queue
  • Sponsored licheerv-rtl8723ds-dkms for @xypron
  • Candidate interviews

Short week due to public holidays

  • Fixed icu FTBFS, with an interesting side-bug in mk-sbuild
  • Lent a hand to bdrung on the apport release
  • Interviews and take-home tests.


  • nvme-stas: Intitial packaging done, manual testing in a VM successful,
    pushed to, uploaded 2.2.1-1 to
    unstable and 2.2.1-0ubuntu1 to lunar (Closes: #1032650)
  • initramfs-tools: Fixed FTBFS and uploaded 0.142ubuntu2.
  • devscripts: Triaged Ubuntu bug #2014149
  • apport:
    • Upload apport 2.26.1-0ubuntu1 to lunar
    • Prepared security updates for bionic, focal, jammy, and kinetic (LP: #2016023)
  • tzdata: SRU for focal, jammy, and kinetic to build timezones that differ pre-1970 (LP: #2003797)


  • Subiquity
    • PR: 1640 - Attempt to set the locale for the live session. A failure to do so is non-fatal.
    • PR: 1641 (LP: #2015521) - Fix partition creation when doing so in an extended partition, when there is an existing partition after it.
    • PR: 1642 - tweak the “slimy” build script to handle ubuntu-desktop-installer, nice for testing changes without committing to several repos first
    • PR: 1643 - downgrade a failure of unattended-upgrades to not fail the install outright. Info logged on failure, and a note in the journal as well.
    • PR: 1646 - add ubuntu-desktop-installer log to apport report, if found
    • PR: 1647 - merge probert changes for diagnostics improvements around sizing tools
    • PR: 1651 - tag apport reports generated by Subiquity with the snap name
    • in progress: PR: 1650 for a code inconsistency around LVM sizing
    • Lunar merges: PR: 1644, PR: 1645, PR: 1649
  • LP: #2012320 - sponsored upload of jtreg6, jtreg7

Short week due to holidays…


  • Working on the new netplan status --diff spec.
  • Helped investigating another instance of LP #1999178 and created a PPA with a patch (not a definitive fix: PR#304) to be tested. With the patched version the problem goes away but we still need to get to an agreement if it’s the proper fix.
  • Investigated the incomplete optional-addresses option and proposed a solution (PR#339). After some discussion with others about the context of this option, it became clear that the solution is more complex than anticipated and will require implementing this spec [Spec] Definition of an "online" system
  • Working to improve error handling in the frontend (still needs some work) (PR#334)
  • Investigating a little glitch with netplan status where the Wifi SSID will be displayed as "(null)".
  • Code review for @slyon (PR#338 and PR#336)

3-days week


  • Roadmap planning and Agile paperwork for crypto configuration
  • New (unsuccessful) attempts at building the LLVM backend for GHC on s390x

Short week due to PTO.


  • Fixed LP 2015919 “tracker-extract-3 crashed during a release upgrade”


  • Working LP 2015664 “backport needed to enable users to reset SBAT level”
  • Working on a fix for LP 2011458 “ssh fails to rebind when it is killed with -HUP”
    • I have a patch for the regular re-exec bug, but I noticed that sshd also crashes when it’s in debug mode, which is related. I am trying to fix both issues at the same time.
  • Caught up on replies to ubuntu-release-upgrader and systemd bug reports


  • Submitted bug 2015509 regarding britney’s consider tests that are never_run as a regression.
  • Fixed a couple of typos in our documentation and updated our readthedocs site.


  • Sponsored SRUs (actually fully backports) of autopkgtest for Jammy and Focal. These also include Ubuntu’s cross-arch testing changes a feature which did not exist in those releases.
  • Further testing of bug 2013236 regarding broadcom wireless drivers not being installed with ubiquity.
  • Sponsored an upload of mate-desktop for @arraybolt which should fix a crash bug 2013138 which manifests itself in caja. I also looked for and found an errors bucket which covers the same crash and has hundreds of duplicates.
  • Lunar queue reviews.
  • Investigation into issues with libvirt, virt-install and GPU passthru.
  • Reported a bug 2015919 regarding tracker-extract-3 crashing during an upgrade from Kinetic to Lunar. It was actually discovered by our automatic upgrade process.
  • Updated the ProposedMigration wiki page based on some feedback about the lack of clarity regarding permsissions for running PPA tests.
  • Modified the ubuntu-release-upgrader deb2snap.json file to seed gnome-42-2204 and unseed gnome-3-38-2004.
  • Reviewed, merged and uploaded a distribution upgrade quirk MP from @enron to ignore crashes from tracker-extract-3 during a release upgrade.
  • Lunar queue reviews.


  • Submitted an RT requesting access for @andersson123 to stg-prod-proposed-migration.
  • Submitted an RT requesting a devops environment to replace and the Launchpad apport crash retracer on osageorange.
  • Interview(s)
  • Reviewing candidate applications
  • Mentoring @andersson123

short week (3 days only)


  • merged fix for GUI crash when editing encrypted partition created by guided storage
  • opened draft PR to fix crash when editing swap partition on the desktop installer
  • investigated LVM + LUKS sizing issue
  • disabled call to netplan apply for desktop netboot autoinstalls
  • fixed race condition when source changes during mirror testing
  • added exceptions if someone sends a POST to /source during an autoinstall. This is not safe and doing so will only bring problems during a fully automated install.
  • code reviews


  • investigated localectl set-locale crash after manually editing /etc/locale.gen. Patch sent to systemd upstream and merged.


  • Planning for 23.10 Rust toolchain roadmap
  • Investigating the idea of building a development tool Snap
  • Continue working on the rustc and cargo merging specification
  • Investigating the issue where dh_cargo does not honour the DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=optimize=-lto flag

autopkgtest for autopkgtest failing

Submitted upstream MR for the docker proxy variable inheritance fix


  • Submitted fix for bug 2015464
  • Submitted fix for bug 2012346
  • Ran the majority of the manual tests for the new installer and the legacy installer, notes here

autopkgtest infrastructure

  • Started learning about the infrastructure of autopkgtest by using the staging environment, getting familiar with nova, juju and openstack commands, as well as the contents of autopkgtest-cloud


Short week (holidays).

Ubuntu QA

  • autopkgtest
    • Assisted @andersson123 in debugging the docker test failure and in testing his fix
  • ISO testing
  • More tweaking in Jenkins for UDI support. Thanks @seb128 for discussions and reviews.
  • Auto Upgrade Tests
  • Make the tests fail if there are crash files under /var/crash after the upgrade

Ubuntu Server

  • Weekly triage rotation for the Ubuntu Server packageset
  • cloud-init: fix timeout when building the RPM package on CentOS via COPR
  • simplestreams: fix CI failure (linters)
  • Ubuntu Pro: review MP improving cleanup of stray test instances
  • Improvements on how we detect and cleanup cloud resources used for integration testing


  • Essay and take home test reviews
  • One interview