Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 20 April 2023

The previous status is here: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 13 April 2023

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23.04 release

  • Test RISC-V images


  • Update RISC-V wiki pages
  • Prepare updated RISC-V download page (currently worked on in web-team)

23.10 roadmap

  • Update RISC-V planning in Jira


  • The package is used by snaps which are still on core20.
  • Identified the missing patch for building for riscv64 in Focal LP: #2016881


  • Review written interviews
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  • Subiquity 23.04.2 release
  • Curtin
    • MP: 441347 (LP: #2016858) - Fix issue where ntfsresize would not resize a NTFS partition that Ubiquity would due to differences in the arguments to ntfsresize.
  • help the Lunar release
  • greenhouse
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  • Lots of research around the CI status of the upstream glibc project, last step before starting a thread on ubuntu-release regarding a SRU policy for glibc regarding its stable release branches
  • Hiring: take-home tests
  • Release: some ISO testing
  • Usual bunch of reviews on apport.
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  • sbc/rpi-config spec review + approval
  • take-home-test reviews
  • candidate interviews
  • HR stuff
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  • Fixed LP 2015778 “conffile prompt during release upgrade”
  • LP 2011458 “ssh fails to rebind when it is killed with -HUP”
    • Prepared SRU paperwork, and proposed debdiffs to fix Kinetic and Lunar
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  • Wrote a Snapcraft documentation on creating a snap package for .NET applications
  • Investigated more on the current state of the Snapcraft dotnet plugin
  • Currently working on a .NET 8 preview 3 bootstrap package
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