Netplan 0.106 - call for testing

I’m happy to announce that Netplan version 0.106 is now available in lunar-proposed.
See release announcement:


Highlights of this release include the new netplan status command, which queries your system for IP addresses, routes, DNS information, etc… in addition to the Netplan backend renderer (NetworkManager/networkd) in use and the relevant Netplan YAML configuration ID. It displays all this in a nicely formatted way (or alternatively in machine readable YAML/JSON format).

Furthermore, we implemented a clean libnetplan API which can be used by external tools to parse Netplan configuration, migrated away from non-inclusive language (PR#303) and improved the overall Netplan documentation. Another change that should be noted, is that the match.macaddress stanza now only matches on PermanentMACAddress= on the systemd-networkd backend, as has been the case on the NetworkManager backend ever since.

Call for testing

We’d like you to apt install -t lunar-proposed and give the new netplan status command a try. In addition, we’d like to ask for testing of the slight change in behavior about PermanentMACAddress matching. Please see PR#278 for background information on this change and let us know in this thread if you can still match your physical devices as expected using Netplan’s match.macaddress stanza.