Foundation Team Updates - Thursday 09 June 2022

Last week’s update is available at Foundation Team Updates - Thursday 02 June 2022

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  • Created pull request to support building gadget trees
  • Improved germinate functionality
  • Started code for bootstrapping rootfs
  • Made improvements to the struct tag state machine assembly logic
  • Promoted edge snap to candidate
  • Built a new snap in edge with snapd v2.56

Raspberry Pi


  • Uploaded new version of libexpect-perl to unblock mysql-8.0 vs libevent proposed migration
  • Candidate Interviews
  • Pushed Go 1.18.3 to Debian salsa and merged/uploaded to Ubuntu
  • Made MP to ubuntu-cdimage to enable UC22 daily stable builds. Thanks @vorlon for reviewing and sponsoring.
  • Uploaded a fix for icu FTBFS to jammy
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  • short week
  • subiquity
    • (no PR yet) - start work on an autoinstall directive that allows for installing into an existing gap when doing guided partitioning, similar to d-i ‘biggest_free’.
    • Specification work
    • Review: PR: 1305, 1306, 1307
  • distro:
    • dnspython - review work by upstream, run ppa autopkgtest, prep for upload, @bdrung was kind enough to sponsor the upload to Debian and sync. This upload failed 2 other packages, but those ones passed on retest.
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  • added hints to get the lxqt transition through; conflicting libraries prevented britney from calculating the transition automatically
  • removal of some ada packages also removed from Debian testing to get the gnat transition to complete (adacontrol, asis)


  • No-change rebuilds against liborcania2.3
  • No-change rebuilds against libphobos2-ldc-shared99. Several of these failed to build, which seems to be typical of gdc transitions. Hinted stdx-allocator, dcontainers, mir-core through.
  • No-change rebuilds against libjim0.81
  • No-change rebuilds against librocksdb7.2
  • Looked at autofdo build failure blocking libgoogle-glog0v5 removal; Ubuntu-specific due to the fact that Ubuntu has llvm-defaults at 14 while Debian still has 13, so punted for now rather than removing.


  • fielded questions from a customer regarding debian/copyright files not using the machine-readable copyright format
  • Merged TIL packages
  • ongoing spec reviews for 22.10 cycle
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  • FTBFS reports
  • Proposed migration:
    • python-future migrated after a couple of autopkgtest retries
    • hijacked @ogayot’s pillow assignment and uploaded a fix for skimage which allowed pillow and tifffile to migrate
    • sphinx only waiting on a MIR for libunicode-escape-perl
  • Sponsoring:
  • Sync’d python-thriftpy (TIL universe package)
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was off on Monday due to national holiday.


  • Opened PR 1307 for better handling of field validation in child forms. Received feedback (thanks!) and updated the PR accordingly today.
  • Working on implementation of screens from new Ubuntu Pro design (no PR opened yet).
  • Discussed various roadmap items with @mwhudson
  • Reviewed PR 1306
  • Reviewed new API spec for UA


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  • Short week: was sick last week and still recovering. Very fragmented
  • General SRU reviews and releases
  • NEW package reviews
  • Reading multiple specifications done by the team
  • Investigated some strangeness with retries in the ESM security-britney instance


  • Tweaked some of the trello automation we have for the Release Team Jira project, making the task notifications a bit ‘better’
  • Investigated the pending-sru report not updating
  • Started work on getting new Intel IOTG images building with some new kernels
    • At first it wasn’t quite clear which kernels to use, so there was a bit of a back and forth here


  • Discussed next steps with William
  • Started drafting a spec for rootfs generation mechanisms
  • Started review of the Build gadget tree PR from William. Still not quite there as I got distracted
  • Commented on the halt-execution after printing states PR - thinking about just leaving things as they are! Since then this feature could have more uses


  • Added the Ubuntu Core preliminary structure to the iso tracker, added a few manual builds to it
    • Made sure the download links are correct, which seems to work nicely with the current layout
  • Investigated changes needed for image notification to work. Tweaked etc/qa-products a few times to make sure the new Ubuntu Core isotracker items are updated after successful builds
  • Prepared MP for adding support for Ubuntu Core releases via rebuild-requests (to be able to trigger rebuilds via the tracker)
  • Followed up with another MP to fully enable rebuilds and add proper support for Ubuntu Core series in cdimage Series handling

Ubuntu Core

  • Unblocked core22 queued builds, worked on getting new versions built and promoted up to stable
  • Merged Dimitri’s MP for adding core22 to the auto-build mechanisms
    • Followed up with some changes to fix the git-checks as core22+ versions are using a different git repository scheme (now coming from one repository with per-series branches)
  • Added dangerous-stable daily builds
  • Reviewed PR for gadget ubuntu-save partition size bump from Michael
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  • systemd v251 merge
    • Brought in 251.2-2 from Debian
    • Discussed some patches, which are not upstream-able, with @slyon, and will drop them in kinetic
    • Brought in fix for LP 1976607 “tests-in-lxd autopkgtest is skipped, due to missing ‘lxd’ deb”
    • Brought in fix for LP 1967576 “systemd: autopkgtest: tests-in-lxd fails because of remaining snap .mount units”


  • libcloud vs paramiko (ppc64el)
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  • short week (only 3 days)
  • server 22.04 slides: adding netplan updates (cc @cpaelzer)
  • DMB voting
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  • updated the autopkgtest code on the cloud workers so that the cross-arch-architecture-filtering fix was deployed
  • merged my change to autopkgtest to clean up timed out jobs via SIGKILL
  • submitted an RT regarding the bastion for proposed-migration
  • met with @paride, @juliank regarding autopkgtest environment and maintenance
  • removed a lxd remote unit armhf7 as it was out of disk space
  • created a new lxd remote to replace armhf7 (took multiple tries)
  • tried doing a mojo run to configure armhf7 but it kept timing out, I eventually sorted this out by resolving some juju issues on a couple of units

Error Tracker

  • worked with IS to update the daisy and errors code in the production version of the Error tracker (this added support for Kinetic)
  • submitted an RT regarding the inability to update the code on the retracer-app units
  • reported a bug regarding some confusing juju configuration options discovered during the above
  • modified daisy, errors, and retracer charms to write openstack configuration settings to the swift configuration file and not the general configuration file
  • reported a bug about setting the TTL for crash reports

ISO Tracker

  • opened an RT regarding no longer being able to login to the server after its data center move


  • investigation into pending-sru report not being updated (possibly timing out due to too many SRUs in -proposed)
  • submitted a hint MP which added a force-badtest for libclass-dbi-sweet-perl which had added a test dep on an i386 package which isn’t installable
  • reported an update-excuse bug regarding libthrust’s autopkgtest failing
  • special SRU release of ubuntu-release-upgrader for Jammy
  • updated meta-release files for the SRU of ubuntu-release-upgrader for Jammy
  • investigation into / refamiliarization of how to use ubuntu-bug with snaps
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Monday off due to national holiday


  • Tracked down a regression in rustc 1.59 on s390x in backported packages
  • Uploaded cargo 0.60 to kinetic
  • Finished uploading rustc 1.59 + cargo 0.60 to the ubuntu-mozilla-security PPA
  • Started an investigation into building cargo with older libgit2 versions


  • Investigated the 3.0.2-0ubuntu1.3 Jammy FTBFS (it built fine at the time of upload…), which turned out to be caused by out of date certificates. Fixes already uploaded to Jammy and Kinetic, pending for older releases.


  • lib*-perl MIR
    • Explored the copious Perl ecosystem in search of an alternative for libunicode-escape-perl
    • Patched libxs-parse-sublike-perl to fix the autopkgtests on 64-bits architectures. Upload pending.


  • Looked into LP: #1972834 and its status in the latest subiquity release, thanks @ogayot for your patient support :slight_smile:
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  • monday off holiday
  • grub security update
    • reviewed the ubuntu packages a bit
    • started prepping an update for Debian
    • some more discussions w/ upstream
  • autopkgtest cloud maintenance Q&A with QA team
  • debconf hotel booking
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Covering two weeks due to interruption by jubilee weekend and COVID:

  • Fixed userland multi-arch support (LP: #1973285) and opened jammy SRU
  • Performed some software archaeology in response to the sbuild review, and proposed updated debdiff (@bdrung LP: #1974177)
  • Opened upstream sbuild MP, which was subsequently merged
  • Checked impact of systemd-oomd on Pi 2GB desktop (LP: #1972159); may recommend bumping initial swap-size to 2GB – needs more research
  • Verified that issue with totem not playing videos (LP: #1969512) also occurred with flatpak variant of totem, as suggested in the upstream ticket
  • Did some debugging work on LP: #1969512 and LP: #1964601 – both, at least partially, are due to the Pi’s GL driver only supporting GL 2.1 (which GTK doesn’t like)
  • Replied (in my horrifically verbose fashion) to comments on the wifi regulatory domain issue (LP: #1951586)
  • Tested @slyon’s fix for the wifi regulatory domain issue in netplan (for server images), all looking good
  • Verified SRU for libraspberrypi0 multi-arch support (LP: #1973285)
  • Tested (and commented, rather testily, on) the resolution of LP: #1970139 and opened LP: #1978113 to remind me to write some more ISO tests for the Pi images
  • Pi meetings
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  • Sponsored dnspython 2.2.1-2 upload for @dbungert


Fixed all remaining race conditions and broken tests in various environments (during package build, autopkgtest, GitHub CI). All tests are run now on GitHub CI: With all tests successfully running, I released apport 2.21.0. I am currently preparing an upload to Ubuntu for this new version.

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  • packaging in a ppa
  • successfully testing iSCSI target on RISC-V


  • packaging in ppa finished


  • analyzing how to test
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