Foundation Team Updates - Thursday 16 June 2022

Last week’s update is available at



  • Added bzr support to the germinate state
  • Change Seed URLs to a list to allow germinating from multiple URLs
  • Increased test coverage to 100% for germinate state and write tests for multiple functionalities
  • Add list of snaps from germinate output to eventually pre-seed
  • Discussed some other image definition changes per @mwhudson PR comments
  • Opened pull request for germinate state
  • Start work on bootstrap state to call debootstrap and mount filesystems
  • Removed even more references to livecd-rootfs and updated the github CI to run on jammy



grub2 Debian:

  • Uploaded 2.06-3 to unstable with the security fixes. This finally unblocks migrating 2.06 to testing, and we get to work on merging stuff back to Debian once this has migrated

grub2 Ubuntu:

grub2 upstream:

  • Some discussions about maybe having 2.06.1 releases
  • Sought clarification regarding the behavior of SBAT policy updates


  • Analysed phased updates related regression in LP: #1978125, sketched out some approaches on IRC






  • short week (only 3 days)
  • some Canonistack investigation wrt. cRT#150658 & cRT#131289
  • some partner product discussions with the Desktop team
  • subiquity
    • PR: 1300 - provide a whole new implementation to fix this problem (LP: #1975629) with environment variables and the debug shell. Environment variables modifed for running subiquity in the snap first have their unmodified values set aside, which we restore for the shell.
    • PR: 1308 - fix internal usage of free space during partition creation. A prerequisite fix for creating multiple partitions in a single Gap of available space.
    • PR: 1309 - several utils for working with Gap objects.
    • PR: 1312 - fix issue with loading an autoinstall file directly from the ISO
    • PR: 1313 - add utility to find the largest disk gap across several disks
    • PR: 1316 - gather up a few size related improvements - create partition is now handed a gap of appropriate size to partition into, and adjust the boot and uefi partition scaling functions to be able to operate when using part of a disk.
    • PR: 1318 - remove an assignment to underscore that has the potential in the future to conflict with gettext.
    • (no PR yet) - continue work on an autoinstall directive that allows for installing into an existing gap when doing guided partitioning, similar to d-i ‘biggest_free’. Works enough to handle a first VM test case. Most of the above PRs are part of this.
    • Specification work
    • Review: PR: 1310, 1311, 1314, 1315, 1317, 1319
  • core-base
    • PR: 51 - update console-conf for core22 to pick up fix for crash related to viewing network info (LP: #1978339)
    • Review: PR: 53
  • Short week, Thursday and Friday off
  • FTBFS reports
  • Proposed migration (there weren’t enough Foundations packages to go around last week, so looked at a couple of stuck universe packages) :
    • uploaded primesieve allowing stderr output in the autopkgtest, and it migrated
    • proposed adding gammapy to big_packages, and it migrated
  • Investigation into Bazaar to GIt migration of repos used in the infrastructure and packages in main
  • Sponsoring:
  • Merged cython (TIL universe package)
  • Archive-admin training :stuck_out_tongue:


  • Spec for Ubuntu Pro (attach using Ubuntu One) sent out for review.
  • Focused on implementing most screens from the current Ubuntu Pro mockups. Most of the logic is yet to be implemented though.
  • Merged PR 1307 - validation of subfields affect parent form.
  • Created PR 1314 - ability to customize the label on buttons for error message boxes (merged)
  • Created PR 1315 - to fix how visual overlays in Ubuntu Pro screens are closed. Changes were requested -> TODO.
  • Investigated LP: #1978139 - Subiquity crashes after refresh for clients connected through SSH


  • merge of keyutils uploaded (thanks @bdrung for sponsoring!)
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Uploaded apport 2.21.0-0ubuntu1 to kinetic, which had two failing test cases. I reproduced them, fixed them, and uploaded 2.21.0-0ubuntu2.


+1 week


  • paperwork for attending DebConf 2022
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  • Continuing to work on systemd v251 merge
    • Getting autopkgtests passing
    • Confirmed that upstream changes WRT configuring PCR index in sd-boot have net zero impact for Ubuntu
  • Started ubuntu-devel thread about systemd-oomd issues
    • Wrote some patches for systemd-oomd and have been testing those, and will start an upstream discussion about those soon.
    • Opened a PR for an unrelated systemd-oomd bug I found while testing.
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  • VisionFive

    • SRU flash-kernel: sponsoring needed
    • flash-kernel kinetic uploaded by @waveform
    • BT works: packaging brcm_patchram_plus as it is needed for loading the firmware but have to figure out why the bluez-firmware firmware does not work on this board and how I will ship the correct one to have the right dependencies for this package
  • Nezha:

    • SRU u-boot-nezha: @ginggs uploaded it
    • Kernel: v2 of the patch fixing the PFN_MASK
  • livecd-rootfs:

    • build for Nezha and VisionFive PR
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  • with @juliank sorted out why the new lxd remote unit isn’t working, launched another one using focal this time instead of jammy
  • updated the autopkgtest-cloud documentation so that it says to use focal for the lxd remotes
  • updated page with a proper url to results
  • opened a bug about stray systemd units being leftover when a lxd-remote is removed
  • opened a bug regarding the postdeploy script in the mojo spec for autopkgtest-cloud failing
  • investigation into repeating systemd (from @enr0n’s PPA) tests, sorted out how to get the removed from the queue as they kept being retested
  • due to the above - reported a bug regarding what is and is not considered temporary failures for autopkgtests
  • added systemd-upstream/ppc64el to big_packages for bluca from upstream systemd CI testing
  • investigated an issue with amd64 tests failing somewhat regularly on 2022-06-15
  • submitted an RT regarding networking failures in lgw01 that were discovered due to the above
  • looked at the SQLite database of autopkgtest results for potential data mining

ISO Tracker

  • as a result of a flavor lead request I set the “number of rebuilds a product owner can request per day” to 6 via the admin interface


  • merged a hint MP regarding firejail for jammy
  • modified the apport code location in the Launchpad project for @bdrung
  • special Jammy SRU review of network-manager for a regression bug fix
  • tested the recommended changes in bug 1977644 regarding a fix for slow booting BIOS systems
  • reported a bug to the snapcraft forum about contact information not being available for snaps in the Ubuntu live environment
  • reported a bug regarding the attach_journal_errors crashing
  • SRU team shift


  • completing HR management training
  • submitted an RT regarding creating a queue for the Ubuntu QA team
  • moved JIRA cards from the Foundations board to the Ubuntu QA one
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  • Attempted to debug an issue with the rpi-imager snap
  • Tested pipewire audio stack on kinetic with the Pi 4, where the wrong audio output is picked by default by switch-on-connect under pulseaudio (LP: #1877194)
  • Responded to some more bits of the sbuild merge review (LP: #1973285)
  • Experimenting with systemd-oomd settings on small systems (LP: #1972159)
  • Firefox performance measurement and work
  • Uploaded flash-kernel merge (LP: #1973801)
  • Pi meetings
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  • Worked on the current SRUs to Jammy, Impish, Focal and Bionic in prevision of the upcoming security releases
  • General bug triaging


  • Worked on a spec to formalize tracking vendored dependencies in Rust packages.
  • Looked into failing tests for rust-parking-lot, sent a fix to Debian.


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