Foundation Team Updates - Thursday 23 June 2022

Last week’s update is available at

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Package management

  • Initial specification for deb822 sources by default (to be published on Discourse)
  • Discussion with @cjwatson about preserving previous SRU while new one is phasing (LP#1929082)
  • Worked out a workaround and plan for how to deal with phased updates regression (LP#1979244)
  • Did some specification for phased updates groups


  • Early stab at backporting patches to Debian’s 2.04
  • Investigating various failures to detect ESPs in grub-multi-install (Merge #425279)
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  • subiquity
    • PR: 1320 - fix a unit test that was dependent on the actual list of user groups in the running environment
    • PR: 1323 - finish up work on a ‘use_gap’ autoinstall directive that allows for installing into an existing gap when doing guided partitioning, similar to d-i ‘biggest_free’.
    • Did a set of 20 VM tests as part of use_gap, found some interesting bugs.
    • PR: 1326 - fix issue on BIOS when using ‘use_gap’ and there is a small disk present. Can happen when using cloud-localds to seed the autoinstall.
    • PR: 1327 - improve the allocated number assigned to partitions. When mixing preserved and non-preserved partitions, it was possible that there would be a number overlap. Will need further work for msdos partition tables.
    • PR: 1328 - improve guided unit tests to cover LVM
    • PR: 1329 - fix a bug in handling of the location of the autoinstall file.
    • PR: 1332 - logging to help debug of recent guided mode work
    • PR: 1333 - merge below probert change
    • Specification work
    • Review PR: 1321, 1322, 1324, 1325, 1330, 1331
  • probert
    • PR: 119 - bring over fix from PR: 117 to the stable branch
  • curtin
    • Preparing next release
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  • VisionFive

    • SRU flash-kernel: @waveform sponsored
    • BT update: as we can’t trace the origin of the firmware and then can’t have updates easily, we’ll ship the firmware and the software in the RISC-V PPA.
    • kernel packages tests
  • Nezha:

    • Fix nezha-boot0 and re-uploaded by @slyon
    • kernel packages tests
  • livecd-rootfs:

    • Fix Nezha and VisionFive since I had a real kernel package, PR updated
    • Built images for both boards successfully
  • MIR usb-creator:

    • Fix libisoburn testsuite: uploaded by @vorlon
    • Add symbols file to libburn, libisoburn, libisofs
      → MIRs requested TODOs should be ok!
  • MOTU application preparation :slight_smile:

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  • systemd-oomd
    • Opened upstream PR to honor ManagedOOMPreference for all cgroups:
    • Tested these patches out in Jammy, and got a feel for the integration worked required
    • Met with @slyon and @vorlon to give updates on systemd-oomd and discuss next steps
    • Have been running ManagedOOMSwap=auto on -.slice on my machine to test the (likely) SRU fix for systemd-oomd on Jammy, and had a script monitor my mem and swap usage and log when the SwapUsedLimit threshold was reached
    • I will send out a message on ubuntu-devel with updates later today
  • Opened v251 merge PR for @slyon to do some early review:
  • Worked on autopkgtest for v251
    • I think I have a fix for flaky upstream-1 and upstream-2 tests
  • Opened upstream issue about linker warnings building on ARM:
  • Opened LP 1979215 for gnu-efi (causes systemd FTBFS), which is another regression caused by linker warnings added in recent binutils
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  • Updates to the germinate PR per ongoing discussion
  • improving bootstrap/create-chroot step
  • implement installing packages into chroot on a separate branch
  • Experiment with test parallelization as the test suite gets longer
  • Promote 2.x snap to stable
  • Created pull request to revert to <snap_name> <revision> manifest syntax from version 1.x


  • updating gsasl MIR now that it has a new major version.
  • Re-triggering gsasl autopkgtests after some arm flakiness
  • working on vim FTBFS
    • Have a version building successfully on all architectures, but it still has failing autopkgtests


  • Working on Unicorn Hat blog post with @waveform. Should be posted very soon
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  • Cherry-picked some commits from Debian in src:cargo to enable autopkgtests
  • Ongoing work to regenerate a vendor tarball without the C source for libgit2


  • Dotted Is and crossed Ts on the various SRUs that were pending
  • Ongoing work to merge openssl 3.0.4-1


  • I had a look into phased upgrades as it caused a few breakage when combined with the openssl SRU
  • Cursory investigation into the unregisterized status of GHC on s390x
  • Uploaded Impish and Focal SRUs for s390-tools on behalf of @fheimes
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  • opened PR 1331 with Ubuntu Pro screen changes to reflect new mockups (does not include Ubuntu One / magic-attach). Thanks @dbungert for your prompt feedback!
  • still working on Ubuntu Pro with magic-attach (spec work + implementation of screens).
  • replaced used of deprecated construct used in API tests: PR 1330
  • relaxed the way overlays/popups can be closed: PR 1324
  • discussed the spec work for copying network-manager connections from desktop installer to target system. A more generic approach is favored.


  • currently investigating unattended-upgrades autopkgtest failure in focal-updates to unblock an SRU: LP: #1974223
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  • Another short week - was off most of last week (+ a bit of a cat emergency on Tuesday)
  • SRU reviews and releases
  • NEW reviews
  • Some FDE discussions
  • Backlog review with the team
  • Preparation tasks for 22.04.1
  • Created first kinetic language-packs. Had some issues getting those done due to issues after the instance move. But now working and enabled building weekly
  • Promoted multiple OEM metapackages to main, reviewed a few new ones

Tools Squad

  • Preparing 1:1 meetings with people from my squad
  • Browsing through the current board, gathering context about how things are moving forward
  • Reviewed netplan status specification, preparing for a re-review after comments were addressed by Lukas
  • Discussions regarding some NetworkManager <-> netplan desktop integration, prepared Jira card for some investigation work

ubuntu-cdimage and images

  • Fixed multiple failing unit tests - some of which were related to our simplestreams support
  • Investigated possible issues with generation of simplestreams for release trees. Will keep an eye out for issues there in the future, as I still suspect some race conditions
  • Created new test desktop images for Intel IOTG. Still working on the server images, making sure that the right kernel is pulled in
  • Copied some Xilinx images for Alex
  • Reviewed Michael’s netboot ubuntu-cdimage changes - merged those but followed up with some unit-test fixes (as we now had a relatively ‘good’ unit testing story).

Ubuntu Core

  • Added core22 to automated promotion
  • Investigated issues with auto-promotion failing due to Trello API changes. pytrello wasn’t really updated, so worked-around that by using a fixed pytrello locally.
  • Ubuntu Core 22 released last week \o/

Ubuntu Image

  • Added some comments on the germinate step of the new-world ubuntu-image classic build PR. Looked at the code but will be re-looking at it shortly again.
  • Reviewed PR from William for fixing the snap/seed manifest formatting
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Fixed several bugs in apport:

  • attach_journal_errors is causing a ValueError crash (LP: #1978487)
  • Broken contact URL in German translation (LP: #1978301)
  • /usr/share/apport/apport:AttributeError:/usr/share/apport/apport@531:parse_arguments:print_usage:_print_message (LP: #1979211)
  • apport_python_hook: FileNotFoundError if cwd was deleted (LP: #1979637)
  • apport_python_hook: Crashes if os.getcwd() throws FileNotFoundError (LP: #1977954)

I will prepare a new upstream release soon (which will be uploaded to kinetic). Then I will prepare the SRUs (with all those fixes).

+1 week

  • synced rocksdb 7.2.2-5
  • golang-github-komkom-toml: tested upstream fix, uploaded 0.0~git20211215.3c8ee9d-2 with the upstream fix
  • sent “+1 maintenance report” to ubuntu-devel
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  • More upstreaming of the sbuild delta and another revision of the merge (LP: #1974177)
  • Experimenting with systemd-oomd settings on small systems (LP: #1972159)
  • Wrote two segments for the forthcoming Unicorn HAT blog post
  • Firefox performance measurement and work
  • Pi meetings
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