Flutter in Ubuntu: What are the next steps?

As a fan of Dart and Flutter’s development experience, I’m excited about future possibilities with Flutter being a first class choice for making many kind of apps.

I understand Canonical is working together with Google in some respects. I don’t know the extent of their goals, but I thought this would be a good place to discuss what Ubuntu app developers would like to see to make this the best option it can be for application developers.

I’m interested in hearing:

  • What’s missing to make X type of app?
  • What could be done differently?
  • What else would make it great?
  • What are Canonical/Ubuntu’s official goals and opinions on Flutter use?

If there are existing issues in flutter’s github or other useful conversations, please link.

Note: Please refrain from debating how much they hate/love dart/flutter vs X, or comparing performance, etc.

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Desktop integration and appearance

  • Client-side decoration support

    • Adding CSD support would help people utilize the real-estate better and look close to many Ubuntu apps that use CSDs and just generally give developers more options.
    • Open issue on Flutter GitHub for support
  • dbusmenu support

    • I think being able to create and export menus for more advance applications would be really great to integrate with global menus from KDE/unity/etc and also allow menu searching which is to be the bigger benefit to me.
    • I know flutter already sends the menu to MacOS’s global menu, so this might already be a thing? see video
  • Yara / Adwaita widgets / theme

    • edit: in progress see comment below

This is already being developed as a separate, 100% reusable project, and published on pub.dev.

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Very cool thanks for the links

@wmww said in his post about Flutter wayland work, that by default Flutter on wayland will use CSDs.

Does this mean Flutter will hook into a GTK headerbar, or will Flutter on wayland draw its own titlebar with Yaru themed widgets
(or even with other widgets for a custom looking app wanting to draw close/min/max buttons, like most popular (simple) commercial apps today are doing (like steam)

I think they meant the former, but definitely would be a cool add later to lose dependence on GTK titlebars altogether and let Flutter draw the titlebar itself as an option. For instance, what if people want to make apps with an ‘immersive mode’ like when lollipop can show the album art without the titlebar. I love this as it look nice and I can have it stay on top of other windows as a little desktop widget almost while working.