Documentation Office Hours recording 22nd March 2024

Free Software & Open Source Licenses

In this recording, we provide a high-level overview of open source licenses, and some of the implications for both documentation and code contributions.

Huge thanks to @rkratky for putting all this together, and for the excellent presentation on what can be a tricky subject to navigate.

00:05 Welcome
00:49 Introduction
01:45 Copyright vs Copyleft
02:52 Four Freedoms
06:00 Free beer vs Freedom
07:36 GPL “infection”
09:49 Permissive vs Restrictive
14:48 Free and open documentation
16:36 Questions and answers on:
16:46 MIT-style licences
17:48 Proprietary software with open source documentation
20:40 Unlicences and public domain

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Thanks, @degville. Here’s the presentation (Free Software & Open Source Licenses) in case anyone would find it useful.

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