Documentation Office Hours recording 1st March 2024

Here’s the recording of our first Documentation Office Hours from 1st March 2024:

00:05 - Introduction
03:39 - Open Documentation Academy
09:12 - How to take on a task
17:15 - Introducing the team
28:00 - Wrap-up

We split the hour into two sections; the first was an introduction to the Open Documentation Academy and the technical author team behind the project at Canonical, and the second was chance for attendees to ask questions. We only recorded the first section.


Q: Is the Documentation Academy only for Canonical’s products?
A: Logistically, because the technical authors are employed by Canonical and work within engineering teams for its products, it made best sense to include only projects we can understand and help with. But in principle, we’d love to open the project to suggestions for issues from other projects, and to help more directly with open source projects who may need documentation support. The caveat being our limited time and our ability to properly service the proposed tasks.

Q: Is there a time limit to how long you can work on a task?
A: There is no deadline. We’re completely flexible when it comes to how much time a task may take. While we do ask for an estimated target date, this is only to enable us to better manage the task list, and to ensure tasks are being actively worked on. If you need to change your estimation, please let us know - it won’t be a problem.