Discussion: UbuntuOnAir schedule

I’m often surprised by new content appearing in UbuntuOnAir, and Google shows no readily-available schedule of upcoming streams. So if there is one (and I’ve looked!) it’s not easy to find.

Proposal for one that is easy to find. The proposed page below would be:

  • Permanently pinned (easy to find)
  • A wiki for easy maintenance and trivial updating by any Discourse user (no single gatekeeper).

Input and refinements are welcome before I actually create this page. Alternately, if I’ve really missed an easy-to-find UbuntuOnAir schedule, let me know!

Ping: @madhens @yannick-mauray @hellsworth @diogoconstantino @rs2009

EDIT: Example removed to avoid confusion: See the live version instead


Ian, this is a fantastic proposal! Any ideas I had about a schedule were, um, a bit overengineered (@yannick-mauray will certainly understand) but this would be an easy way for anyone to maintain it. Very curious to see what the other hosts think, including @rs2009, but this has a very big thumbs up from me.

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I seem to have received enough feedback so the schedule is now live.

Please populate that link with your UbuntuOnAir streams so folks know about them!

  • It’s a Wiki, you should be able to edit it.
  • It’s a closed thread to prevent discussion there. Discuss in other threads (like here), please.

If you know a host who isn’t putting their streams on the schedule, please ping them.


I like the idea, I just don’t know what is the right tool for doing that. Wiki is at least a good way to get it started.