Desktop Team Updates - Monday 21st February 2022

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates - Monday 14th February 2022


Triple buffering

Everything else

  • Answered lots of bugs in Launchpad and upstreams (backlog stats here).
  • Fixed conflicts: gnome-shell!2028, gnome-shell!1915.
  • The Wayland crash fix from last week landed in mutter 42.beta.
  • Continued trying to find the cause of the initial gnome-shell crashing when entering a jammy live session. Still untraceable.
  • Daily ISO testing.
  • Interviews, interviews, interviews.
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Desktop Installer


  • WSL
    • Research and added Windows Terminal theme support.
      • Still missing: offline icon (filed a bug upstream)
      • Still missing: font support (filed a bug upstream + contacted the store team for a potential workaround by providing our own system font in multiple packages)
    • Research on application name transition steps (dropping the “OnWindows”)
    • Multiple PR reviews
  • Adsys
    • Checked security reviews false postiivity.
    • Migrate to new linter versions and cleanups.
  • Misc
    • MIR reviews
    • Candidate interviews
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  • Uploaded Marco’s mutter 42 Beta packaging to Debian experimental & Jammy
    • David has already updated budgie-desktop for the new mutter series.
  • Packaged most of the released GNOME 42 Beta components we’ll be including in Jammy. Several apps did not get a release yet but should have so I may reach out to some maintainers in the next few days to see if we can get some more releases before Ubuntu’s Feature Freeze later this week.
  • Released gedit 41. gedit is only minimally maintained currently. GNOME 42’s default text editor will be the new GNOME Text Editor. We’ll be discussing later whether it makes sense for Ubuntu to switch too (not for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS but maybe for 22.10). Ubuntu has included gedit since Ubuntu began.
  • I updated lots of apps in our default install for the GNOME 42 dark theme preference. Sometimes, the work was already done in the new release (or in the git repo); othertimes I had to add the libhandy opt-in code myself.
    • I got a Standing Freeze Exception in GNOME for apps to support the new dark theme preference if done before Final Freeze. The work needs to be signed off by Alexander who is leading the initiative. GNOME is doing extra work to make sure that apps look good with the dark theme. That is very welcome but conflicts a bit with users who want apps to use the dark theme when they click the “use the dark theme” button.
  • I looked into the libgweather4 transition. My current thinking is that it’s better for us to wait until 22.10 to do this switch. Some apps like GNOME Calendar switched to libgweather4 at the same time they switched to GTK4 so it’s more difficult to get the libgweather4 part but not the GTK4 part. I noticed that GNOME Flashback (gnome-panel, etc.) hasn’t been ported to libgweather4 yet. I’m not sure if it would cause issues if evolution-data-server has switched—which gnome-panel uses—but gnome-panel itself hasn’t.
    • gnome-bluetooth 42 is probably the same situation.
    • We’ll need to decide if we want these libraries in universe to help people building newer versions of the apps.
  • Packaged libsoup3 but I haven’t uploaded it yet. We won’t be switching to it for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS but it might be available in universe.
  • Landed gnome-desktop 42 in Jammy & Debian. Besides providing the GNOME version number in the Settings app, this is a required dependency for several of GNOME 42’s GTK4 apps, so this will help people compile those apps.
  • Fixed tracker-miners for the ICU transition
  • Simplified our diff with Debian for system-config-printer
  • SRUed to focal a GTKGl fix for a rendering issue which is impacting flutter
  • debugged a regression in at-spi due to the socket change for snapd
  • changed pipewire to build without libfreeaptx again since that’s current in universe, it’s probably a change for post LTS at thos point
  • updated the list of mimetypes in thunderbird snap to list xpinstall, webcal and rfc822, thank Olivier for pointing out those changes in the deb
  • fixed the experimental github action workflow to report new snap candidate, truncating the content when creating the issue if we are over the length allowed by the API
  • updated libjped-turbo and reworked a bit the rules to fix the pkgconfig lib value being invalid
  • worked on some GNOME updates
  • investigated some proposed migration issues

firefox24 firefox

chromium22 chromium

  • updated stable to 98.0.4758.102
  • updated beta to 99.0.4844.35
  • updated dev to 100.0.4878.0 then to 100.0.4892.0
  • filed bug #1961565 after I noticed bionic packages now install unnecessary build artifacts, and I am now iterating to trim as much as possible while keeping the package functional
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  • CUPS Snap: Waiting for the further steps steps on the cups interface to be completed, especially the 2.55 release of snapd and the auto-connect permissions from the Snap Store team.
  • cups-filters: Further fixes approaching cups-filters 2.x: In the imageto...()filter functions fixed centering of the image when the margins are asymmetric (commit) and fixed checking of the image size for print-scaling=auto (commit). Backported these fixes to the 1.x branch, and released cups-filters 1.28.12 to get all the backported bug fixes of the last weeks into Jammy.
  • Ghostscript: Added new appleraster and urf output devices to let Ghostscript generate the Apple Raster (URF) format for driverless IPP printing (commit). Will be available from Ghostscript 9.56.0 on.
  • system-config-printer: Released 1.5.16 upstream, to make one year of bug fixes and translations available to the users (also of Jally).
  • All Snaps: Updated the included QPDF to version 10.6.2.
  • Jammy Feature Freeze: Checked through all printing-related packages whether there are new versions, especially merged CUPS 2.4.1 to lead Jammy into the first CUPS series from OpenPrinting. We will also have cups-filters 1.28.12, Ghostscript 9.55.0, system-config-printer 1.5.16, QPDF 10.6.2, HPLIP 3.21.12, sane-backends 1.1.1, …
  • OpenPrinting: Continued to work on the web app with the admin of the new OpenPrinting database web site.
  • Google Summer of Code 2022: Contributor candidates continue to get CUPS and cups-filters GitHub issues as assignments and are working on them, mainly under my mentorship. Remembered the sub-groups of the Linux Foundation to post their project ideas and also added another project idea for OpenPrinting.
  • Bugs.
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  • Updated the splash application to handle window close gracefully.
  • Pushed a new PR on the splash project to enable some IPC with the WSL launcher.
  • Continued working on the integration between WSL launcher and the splash application.
  • Merged the splash controller.
  • Pushed a PR with the Infrastructure for extending the WSL Launcher command line interface to add two new features:
    • Configure the distro under WSL thru the installer GUI (or TUI)
    • Adding support to autoinstall thru Subiquity (this will not get started this week, though).
  • The same PR also helps integration between OOBE and the splash screen.
  • The next PR on the launcher will connect all the pieces submitted so far.
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