Desktop Team Updates - Monday 14th February 2022

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates - Monday 7th February 2022



  • Adding documentation.




Triple buffering

Everything else

  • Answered lots of bugs in Launchpad and upstreams (backlog stats here).
  • Jammy ISO testing: There was one showstopper but Seb fixed it.
  • More jammy Pi testing. Finally stable KMS graphics with kernel 5.15. Performance is much better if you add triple buffering.
  • Revised the blur cleanup branches.
  • Proposed a Wayland crash fix to mutter.
  • BlueZ housekeeping.
  • Work in progress trying to find the cause of the initial gnome-shell crashing on exit when entering a jammy live session. So far corrupt and untraceable.
  • Interviewed more job candidates (not for desktop).
  • WSL

    • Many reviews of launcher and splash screen code
    • Reviewing ISO testing code integration
  • ADsys

    • Backport to 20.04, currently in proposed.
  • Misc

    • Test reviews
    • Candidate interviews
  • Tomorrow I will travel back to Vienna (UTC+01)
  • CUPS Snap: Waiting for the further steps steps on the cups interface to be completed. On the request for interface permissions to the Snap Store team @alexmurray has already given his +1.
  • cups-filters: Further fixes approaching cups-filters 2.x: I have especially tested all the filter functions with the new generated PPD files for driverless IPP printing and for cups-browsed-based printer clusters and fixed the setting of color space and depth for (CUPS/PWG/Apple) Raster output, fixed 16-bit-per-color output in pdftoraster() and pwgtoraster(), fixed the “original size/unscaled” output of the imageto..() filter functions (all in this commit), added support for automatic selection of all color spaces supported by PWG Raster and Apple Raster to the filter functions (commit), added input-page-ranges attribute to pstops() (GSoC contributor candidate assignment, commit), and in mupdftoraster() directed output of mutool to outputfd instead of letting it go to stdout (commit).
  • GUI tools and the New Architecture of printing: Made my write-up publicly available in the February News Post.
  • Google Summer of Code 2022: Contributor candidates continue to get CUPS and cups-filters GitHub issues as assignments and are working on them, mainly under my mentorship. I have submitted the mentoring organization application for the Linux Foundation today, Google will announce accepted organizations on March 6. Also posted the Linux Foundation GSoC 2022 page and the OpenPrinting GSoC 2022 project idea page.
  • OpenPrinting: February News Post
  • Bugs.

firefox24 firefox

thunderbird24 thunderbird

chromium22 chromium

  • updated beta to 99.0.4844.27
  • updated dev to 100.0.4867.0, and now updating to 100.0.4878.0
  • started an ubuntu-devel thread to suggest removing chromium-browser from the archive, the outcome is that there are compelling arguments in favour of keeping it around for now

snapcraft24 snaps

flutter24 Ubuntu Desktop Installer


Finished Ubuntu transitions:

  • abseil
  • libwebp
  • poppler 22.02
  • vala 0.56 (Beta)

:football: Various fixes for the libwebp, poppler, and icu transitions.

:football: got webkit2gtk 2.35 building again on arm64 by lowering the max parallel to 2 (it was using 4). This can slow the build down a lot, but in this case the build was never finishing. Seb suggested that we do this for other architectures because other architectures sometimes fail to build. I think it’s not needed on other architectures yet.

:football: Looked briefly at librest 1.0 (in Debian experimental). GNOME isn’t ready for this transition and we’re not going to do it for 22.04 LTS.

:football: Very good week for the Debian NEW queue. Got mozjs91, new gnome-desktop library, libgweather4, vala 0.56, and libadwaita-doc accepted. Thanks Simon for the help with the new gnome-desktop.

:football: Started a SRU to fix vanilla-gnome-default-settings for 21.10. Thanks Paul Broadhead for contributing the biggest part of the fix.

:football: Began packaging GNOME 42 Beta stuff

:football: Began turning on support for the GNOME 42 dark theme preference in apps that we won’t be upgrading to 42 because they are switching to GTK4 this release.

  • upload some items from the sponsoring queue
  • helped a bit more with the fwupd 1.7 SRU
  • reported a build issue due to a buggy backport to epiphany’s upstream, verified the fix
  • debugged why some upstream component had no version anymore on our report, turned out that the precise machine where the job is set up is getting ssl errors now connecting to sourceforge, added to the list of hosts that need a workaround
  • investigated why the daily ISO wasn’t getting promoted to current, turned out that the wrong permission was set on the .config directory after our recent merge since we have a delta which required tweak to match the refactoring done in Debian


  • Continued working on the integration between launcher and the splash application.
  • Extending the command line interface to add two new features:
    • Configure the distro under WSL thru the installer GUI (or TUI)
    • Adding support to autoinstall thru Subiquity (this will not get started this week, though).
  • Revisited troubleshooting failures caused by mismatches between apt/lipapt on Jammy versus the installer snap.