Desktop Team Updates - Monday 28th February 2022

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates - Monday 21st February 2022

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  • Packaged a git snapshot of Totem since there wasn’t a 42 Beta release yet. Totem has switched from clutter to gstreamer’s gtkglsink. This might improve performance by using OpenGL more directly. Needs testing.

  • Suggested that GNOME Design introduce a separate package for all the “legacy” stock icons they dropped from the GNOME 42 Adwaita Icon Theme release. I made a mistake by uploading that release to Debian Unstable and the missing icons are why it’s not in Ubuntu.

  • Updated the packaging for GNOME Commander and uploaded to Debian NEW. It no longer uses the ancient libgnome libraries but still uses GTK2.

  • Also uploaded libsoup3 and gnome-bluetooth3 to Debian NEW. We aren’t switching to these yet but they are useful for people building GNOME 42+ apps. Figured out that the send files app in gnome-bluetooth3 doesn’t work yet so I disabled it. Also had to adapt the older gnome-bluetooth packaging to allow for a smoother transition later.

  • Uploaded tracker 3.3 Beta. Spent time building the hotdoc build dependency but I couldn’t get it to work today so I just uploaded with the bundled pre-built documentation. Tracker maintainer said that gi-docgen is not intended to be flexible enough for their docs needs.

  • Uploaded nautilus 42 with Seb and Marco’s help. Nautilus 42 is still using the well-tested GTK3; the GTK4 work is ongoing to hopefully be ready for 43.

  • Released file-roller 42 Beta

  • Helped review the GNOME Console 42 Beta packaging. From GNOME’s perspective, this is the default terminal app as of GNOME 42. (GNOME Terminal is still the default for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.)

  • Got a few more 42 Beta releases by pinging the maintainers.

  • Checked in with David at Ubuntu Budgie about a few GNOME 42 transition items.

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Desktop Installer

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firefox24 firefox

chromium22 chromium

snapcraft24 snaps

package24 other

  • reviewed and merged tweaks to the CLA checker action
  • sponsored a alsa-ucm-conf SRU for oem
  • updated accountsservices and fixed a few upstream issues with the update
  • worked on some improvements to the ubuntu pro notification
    • added a default action so clicking on the notification background does something
    • proposed a change to not display the notifcation in the installer live session
    • proposed a fix to not display the notification of software-properties isn’t installed
    • change the default to not be displayed as requested by flavors
    • updated ubuntu-settings to add an override to enable it in Ubuntu sessions
  • debugged the daily ISO CI failing. Turned out that the VM was limited in memory and systemd-oomd kicking in killing the session, probably because of incorrect grouping of processes in the session. Increasing the VM specs made the install work again
  • then hit paramiko not being able to connect to the machine since the openssh 8.8 update, which is reported on launchpad and was workaround by paride by doing a local install of a newer version. The current ISO i updated now!
  • merged plymouth with Debian
  • updated pulseaudio to the new v16 candidate
  • rebuild some GNOME snaps for CVE fixes in stage packaged and tested and promoted candidate versions
  • sponsored ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu changes
  • did some focal ISO testing
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