Desktop Team Updates - Monday 12th September 2022

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates - Monday 5th September 2022


This is a 7 day report.

  • Packaged GNOME 43’s Release Candidate for Ubuntu 22.10 and Debian.
  • Started the big evolution-data-server 3.45 transition in Debian. I expect it to migrate to Testing this weekend. This required a significant number of uploads to try to set enough dependency bumps and breaks to keep things working for most normal upgrades. This was a rare transition as part of the libsoup2 -> libsoup3 migration. Usually evolution-data-server and GNOME library transitions are far simpler.
  • Finished the prep work for the Nautilus 43 transition in Debian. I think we’ll start it next week. A lot of the work was done with Non-Maintainer Uploads which takes some time to do.
  • Reviewed Jesús’ work to get several of Debian’s packaged GNOME Shell extensions ready for GNOME Shell 43. We’ve now passed the halfway point on getting the extensions updated. There’s a chance we’ll push GNOME Shell 43 to Debian Unstable next week too.
  • Made a tiny update to get the gsconnect extension working again on Ubuntu & Debian’s GNOME 43.
  • Got permission from the previous maintainer to switch GNOME Feeds to Debian GNOME team maintainership. Unfortunately, the latest version requires a new dependency that isn’t in Debian yet.
  • Uploaded the file conflict fix for ghex. Upstream made my suggested fix.
  • Made tracker’s build tests fail the build on Debian and Ubuntu if they fail.
  • Re-enabled existing user mode for Debian’s GNOME Initial Setup app. Upstream had disabled it because they recommend GNOME Tour which conflicts a bit with it, but GNOME Tour isn’t in Debian.
  • Worked with GNOME Boxes upstream to get the new recommended downloads URL feature to work on Debian and Ubuntu. This allows us to update the default recommended OS downloads much faster than needing to go through the whole SRU process.
  • Added a gted alias so that people using gnome-text-editor on Debian or Ubuntu can type that short command instead of the full app name. This is useful since some people like to launch their editor app from a terminal. Yes, we know there are other ways people could do that but it’s still helpful.

In Other News

  • tilix returned to Debian Testing for the first time since March.

Today I will depart for the Linux Plumbers conference 2022 and the Open Source Summit 2022 in Dublin, Ireland.

  • snapd: In snapped applications seeded for the initial installation of the OS, unfortunately, the default-provider: cups which is in the snapcraft.yaml for auto-installing the CUPS Snap as dependency for the cups printing interface, breaks the installation, even if the CUPS Snap is also seeded. A bug got reported and now we are waiting for @jamesh and @pedronis to fix this. The full integration of the dependency in the cups interface (not needing default-provider: cups) as promised by @mvo in Frankfurt in March is postponed for next cycle.
  • cups-filters: Completed the coding, bug fixing, and testing for the cups-filters 2.0b1 release. Continued cleaning up the coding style to the scheme of CUPS: This is the first bunch of files in the main directory of libcupsfilters.
  • Common Print Dialog Backends: Accepted PR from GSoC contributor Gaurav Guleria in cpdb-backend-cups to free allocated memory, forgotten in last week’s PR.
  • system-config-printer: Ubdated Kinetic to last week’s 1.5.18 release.
  • Ghostscript: 9.56.1 package got stuck in -proposed due to a xfig’s autopkgtest failing. Turned out to be a crasher in Ghostscript. Reported it upstream and got a fix (was already on upstream GIT post-9.56.1) immediately. Re-uploaded the package with the patch backported and now it makes its way into Kinetic.
  • Printer Applications under WSL: Gave @cnihelton some hints for working on the first snappy stage of the HOWTO in the coming week.
  • Linux Plumbers Conference 2022 in Dublin: The conference is coming closer! Doing the last preparative steps. Attended BBB training meeting from the organizers of Linux Plumbers, together with @madhens, worked out with @madhens how to proceed on stage during the OpenPrinting micro-conference, assured that all speakers provide their slides, prepared my own slides, uploaded the slides to Indico (Note that Piotr Pawliczek works for Google and still needs approval for his slides), browsed schedules of conferences, scheduled some OpenPrinting/Linux Foundation coordination meeting, last preparations for the departure in a few hours …
  • Google Summer of Code 2022: Continued mentoring our 7 great contributors. Usual Telegram chats, video meetings, Pull Requests.
  • Bugs.


Desktop Installer


Firmware Updater

  • Cleaned up and prepared the codebase to act as a better starting point for implementing the new design
    • Added a few unit and widget tests/samples/stubs
    • Added full integration tests to upgrade, reinstall, and downgrade the Fake webcam from fwupd-tests
    • Set up a complete CI with analysis, build, tests, coverage etc.





  • Finished testing candidate snaps, including Snap Store, which was tested in 5 different environments.


  • Troubleshooted my steam client with jamesh
  • Chat with ashtonn about game mode

Gnome shell extensions update to v43 (WIP):

  • Updated metadata and control file for gnome shell extensions
  • Port extensions for gnome shell v43 (codewise)

firefox24 firefox

  • hunspell changes now in nightly and beta snaps, and store assertions in place (including auto-connection for the use of the mount-control plug)
  • found execution of the hook to be racy, filed a bug to track the problem
  • my geckodriver enablement patch landed upstream, I updated it in the snap’s beta branch and cherry-picked it in the nightly branch too
  • testing an upstream patch to get rid of a snap-specific patch
  • updated my native messaging patch, it now passes the tests in Mozilla’s CI, and I cherry-picked the latest version of the patch in the nightly and beta snaps

thunderbird24 thunderbird

  • uploaded 102.2.2+build1 to kinetic

snapcraft24 snaps


Monday was a holiday, so it was a 4-day week for me.

  • graded 1 written interview
  • gave 1 M&G interview
  • A bunch of smtp debugging to be able to send out the first Ubuntu Summit Newsletter and post it to discourse
  • Tested gnome-tweaks SRU
  • Reviewed one final straggler core22 update PR for gnome-calendar
  • Filed IS ticket to get Philipp and Oli access to streamyard
  • Filed gnome-shell issue. Thanks @vanvugt for helping me find the extension that was the root cause!
  • Netplan testing - I tried to use just VMs for this but ended up debugging issues of trying to passthrough wifi through to the VM without using the bridge. Gave up and setup a crap laptop with jammy, ready for testing on the host this week.

Steam Snap

Kinetic Kudu Wallpaper Competition

  • debugged the at-spi-core autopkgtests failing
  • iterated more on gtksourceview issues, backported some fixes and uploaded updates with autopkgtests enabled
  • debugged nautilus hanging on sdcards and reported upstream
  • SRUed some pulseaudio upstream fixes for bluetooth connectivity issues
  • rebuilt modemmanager without qrtr since the MIR is blocked due to a lack of access to hardware for the testplan
  • added cryptsetup to the canary-ship-live list of packages
  • did some desktopish packages updates
  • fixed librsvg being blocked in proposed by skipping tests on i386
  • reverted a recent change to at-spi-core which made one of the test hangs and unblocked migration
  • requested a preventive UIFe for the wallpapers, the new default and the competition results aren’t going to be ready by thursday
  • Canonical HR reviews

Azure Active Directory


Last was a 3-day week for me due day off and holiday.


  • Investigated current state of support for WSL 2 in snapd.
  • Changed the WSL build system to bundle the new OOBE on Windows for Ubuntu Preview only. #271
  • Proposed changes to ensure page transition in the Windows entry point is the same Yaru uses on Linux. UDI/#1121
  • Seeded some dependencies on Ubuntu WSL to ease GUI-development related workflows, especially interesting for Flutter developers. LP #429765



Azure Active Directory

  • Improved consistency of the offline credentials expiration policy;
  • Added a couple of extra touches and adjustments to our tests;