Desktop Team Updates - Monday 19th September 2022

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates - Monday 12th September 2022

  • More software-properties updates and updated versions in PPA.
  • Verified systemd localtime fixes.
  • Registered for Ubuntu Summit.
  • Ubuntu Core Desktop work.
  • Active Directory
    • Scoping to add support for proxy settings, network shares and apparmor to adsys.
  • Packaged the new release of Google’s color emoji font which includes the Unicode 15 update. Requested and received a User Interface Freeze exception since this release happened several hours after our deadline. We’ll likely try to update this font for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS later.
  • Updated the gucharmap package for Ubuntu 22.10 and Debian for the Unicode 15 release.
  • Updated the harfbuzz packaging for Debian Experimental. This will probably land in Debian Unstable soon but won’t be in Ubuntu until 23.04.
  • Participated in Debian discussion about switching GNOME to use PipeWire by default.
  • nautilus-image-converter was ported to Nautilus 43 so I am reintroducing it to Debian and Ubuntu. Needs to get through the Debian NEW queue though.
  • Packaged gtkmm4.0. It’s in the Debian NEW queue as are its build dependencies cairomm1.16 and pangomm2.48
  • Updated the Debian transition request bugs to let the Release Team know we are ready for both the Nautilus 43 and GNOME Shell 43 transitions.
  • Begun packaging GNOME 43.0 in preparation for its official release September 21
  • Reached an internal limit for the number of forks of GNOME repos I could have for my account so the limit had to be increased!
  • Reported possible compose key bug; After investigation it seems it’s not a snap specific issue.
  • Finalizing merge request for Systemd socket activation of Speech-dispatcher.
  • Chromium:
    • Stable: Patched Clang build failure in ARMv7 (in ARM, Clang needs to be built to in turn build Chromium).
    • Beta: Updated to 106.0.5249.30 (x86-64 only; ARM still building).
    • Edge: Trying to update to new major version 107 (build failing).
    • Performed manual tests for the
      • Bionic deb and passed it to security review.
      • snap and promoted it to stable.
  • Worked on fix to snapd detection of WSL (#12135). It only worked in WSL1.
  • Worked on adding WSL in snapd’s userAgent (#12137)


  • fixed a small bug, that prevented the app from displaying the device list in some cases (#45)
  • worked on the transition to the new design (#48, #49)
  • make use of Yaru’s progress indicator (#50)

Thanks @jpnurmi!



  • Import UDI as a submodule so Ubuntu Preview can build the OOBE as a Windows application Pull Request #271 · ubuntu/WSL
  • Fixed system_setup.common not being shipped when Subiquity snap is built. Subiquity #1416
  • Figured out the reason for the OOBE running as a Windows app had different page transitions from the Linux counterpart. That led to a small contribution to Yaru.dart. Thanks @jpnurmi and @frederik-f !
  • Updated Yaru.dart versions on UDI and WSL UDI #1125
  • Updated the wsl-setup launcher script to be able to launch Subiquity from its own snap, outside of the UDI one. wsl-setup #9


  • Unpinned Flutter version in the CI and for building the snap. Latest Yaru requires Flutter 3.3.

Other contributions

  • Reviewed a pull request fixing the gnome-characters snap failing to upload to the store due a dangling symlink being primed.

Great conference week with the Linux Plumbers conference 2022 and the Open Source Summit 2022 in Dublin, Ireland.

  • snapd: In snapped applications seeded for the initial installation of the OS, unfortunately, the default-provider: cups which is in the snapcraft.yaml for auto-installing the CUPS Snap as dependency for the cups printing interface, breaks the installation, even if the CUPS Snap is also seeded. A bug got reported and now we are waiting for @jamesh and @pedronis to fix this. The full integration of the dependency in the cups interface (not needing default-provider: cups) as promised by @mvo in Frankfurt in March is postponed for next cycle.
  • cups-filters: Merged pull request to add configuration directive to cups-browsed to not check the network interfaces too frequently, to improve its performance. Thanks a lot to Zdenek Dohnal from Red Hat for the contribution.
  • pappl-retrofit: Found that after printing a job or doing an administrative task (Identify printer, poll accessory configuration) the Printer Applications start to consume 100% CPU permanently. After reporting a bug on PAPPL earlier it got fixed by Michael Sweet, but the 100%-CPU problem persisted for me. Investigated and found that it only happens on printers with CUPS backends. Solved it by temporarily de-activating the not yet completed supply read-out support (commit).
  • Qt Print Dialog: Longer discussion with Gaurav Guleria on Telegram (partially from airport lounge, thanks to Priority Pass) and with the Qt upstream developers on their mailing list (Initial post, thread “Adding CPD support to Qt print dialog”)
  • Common Print Dialog Backends: Accepted PR from GSoC contributor Gaurav Guleria in cpdb-libs to handle default printers, plus some bug fixes.
  • Printer Applications under WSL: Gave @cnihelton some additional support for working on the first next stage of the HOWTO to rescue legacy printers running Printer Applications on WSL, this time systemd-enabled WSL. He now succeeded to install the Snap of the Printer Application, not needing to compile all the components and having the daemon starting automatically, and he installed Avahi under WSL and Windows auto-detected the Printer Application as IPP printer then. Now the HOWTO will get much simpler and easier! Thanks @cnihelton for your new test.
  • Linux Plumbers Conference 2022 in Dublin: Hosted the forth OpenPrinting micro-conference! I was emceeing the MC and @madhens helped me with the remote attendees questions and contributions (and her cat-ear-headphones give some Ubuntu-on-Air feelings to the recording). With me live on stage were Piotr Pawliczek from Google talking about OAuth2 integration in the print workflow and Valentin Viennot from Canonical talking about optimizing OCI-containers for CUPS and Printer Applications. Michael Sweet was speaking remotely about CUPS 2.5.x and 3.x, and Zdenek Dohnal from Red Hat was also participating remotely with good contributions to the discussion. The room was near empty but the micro-conference was a success.
  • Open Source Summit 2022 in Dublin: Also attended this conference, one of the largest free software conferences, organized by the Linux Foundation. Had access to the whole conference and all evening events due to being one of the 8 fellows of the Linux Foundation. Attended the sessions “Mental Health Community Caretaking” with @madhens and Valentin Viennot’s talk “How We Built Ubuntu Distroless Containers” and several others. And in the closing plenary of the Embedded Linux track there was a game and I won a BeagleBone AI64!
  • OpenPrinting: 1:1 Meeting with Kate Stewart on the Open Source Summit about the integration of OpenPrinting with the Linux Foundation.
  • Google Summer of Code 2022: Continued mentoring our 7 great contributors. Usual Telegram chats, video meetings, Pull Requests. Asked them for the third short monthly report, this time for the September News Post, to be posted later this week.
  • Bugs.
  • proposed skipping the at-spi2-core tests on i386 since the new tests have requirements not installable there
  • restored missing ddebs packages from bionic and focal updates series
  • SRUed ubuntu-advantage-desktop-daemon to focal/bionic
  • uploaded a SRU of iputils to focal to fix ping handling incorrectly truncated packets but it got blocked on the SRU reviewer wanting more justification of why the upstream fix is right for a SRU.
  • got the casper changes for the desktop canary installer merged upstream and uploaded to kinetic, no need of a ppa for the ISO build anymore
  • tested the software-properties/Ubuntu Pro candidate update and shared some feedback and debugging
  • updated iwd to 1.30 and reported some issues upstream
  • cherrypicked to focal a bolt fix for an uninitialized variable leading to random segfaults to try to unblock the previous SRU which is blocked due to new errors tracker reports
  • Finished changes to Gnome Shell extensions to support v43
  • Steam snap to Core22 (research)

firefox24 firefox

thunderbird24 thunderbird

  • prepared and tested the 102.2.2 update, and handed over to the security team for sponsoring

snapcraft24 snaps

package24 other


AAD Auth:

Active Directory:

  • We now have adsys 0.9.2~22.04 with a lot of bug fixes and a windows daemon in jammy-proposed! Please give it some tests :slight_smile:


  • Explore system-wide proxy support needs

Steam Snap