Desktop Team Integration Squad Updates – Monday 29th January 2024

Hi everyone, below you will find updates from the Desktop team’s Integration squad from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Integration Squad Updates – Monday 22nd January 2024

  • Updated lots of packages to get the webkit2gtk 4.0 removal transition to 90% done. Got Debian’s version up to 83% done.
  • Filed RC bugs for the remaining Debian packages in that transition.
  • Reviewed Nathan’s webkit2gtk/libsoup3 porting for sugar-browse-activity upstream and uploaded it into Ubuntu.
  • Updated a few packages to also not use libsoup2.4. I don’t expect the libsoup2.4 → libsoup3 transition to be complete in time for Ubuntu 24.04 LTS.
  • Reviewed and sponsored the GNOME Kiosk packaging to the Debian NEW queue. Kiosk is a minimal Mutter-based environment for running Firefox in kiosk mode or other kiosk apps.
  • Proposed a few minor fixes upstream for GNOME Kiosk.
  • Packaged langtable for Debian and Ubuntu. This is expected to be a new dependency for the gnome-desktop library for GNOME 46.
  • GNOME 45’s new webcam app is now available as gnome-snapshot in Debian Unstable and Ubuntu 24.04 LTS universe.
  • Updated the GTK2 package to include a fix for GFileInfo critical warnings emitted by recent glib versions. This was the first update of the GTK2 package since mid-2021!
  • Updated GTK4 to not fail autopkgtests because of new Zink fallback warnings from Mesa.
  • Updated gstreamer-editing-services to ignore test failures from recent glib versions. Needed for the ongoing Python 3.12 transition.
  • Backported a Mutter fix for entering accented letters with Caps Lock to Debian Unstable and to the next upstream Mutter 44 point release. This had already been fixed in Ubuntu and was triggered by a new release of ibus.
  • Made a few usability tweaks for Ubuntu’s Settings app gnome-control-center
  • Fixed a debian/watch issue for Foliate
  • Rebuilt gnome-remote-desktop in Debian Experimental for the tpm2-tss transition. Unfortunately, packages in Experimental are not automatically rebuilt for transitions in Unstable.