Desktop Team Integration Squad Updates – Monday 18th March 2024

Hi everyone, below you will find updates from the Desktop team’s Integration squad from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Integration Squad Updates – Monday 11th March 2024

  • Requested and was granted a Feature Freeze Exception for the freerdp2 → freerdp3 transition in Ubuntu main. This was required to update gnome-remote-desktop to 46 and enable the new Remote Login (“headless”) feature. Spent a significant amount preparing this update.
    – My testing revealed that Remmina 1.4.34 did not work with our freerdp3 version so I needed to use Remmina 1.4.35
    – I had to patch gnome-remote-desktop since upstream removed the fdk-aac option even though fdk-aac-free is not yet in Ubuntu Main or in Debian Main
    – I got to learn about dh-sequence-installsysusers since gnome-remote-desktop 46 makes use of the systemd feature. The dh sequence is enabled by default in the (future) debhelper compat 14 but it can be added to a package’s Build-Depends now.
    – I reported a gnome-control-center bug related to the new feature
    – I updated our freerdp3 packaging to 3.4.0 which included a fix for an issue I reported
    – I updated the gdm package since this was also needed for the feature to work
  • Miscellaneous 32-bit time transition work
    – Uploaded libsoup2.4 to fix a debian/shlibs.local error
    – Updated libffado to fix Python 3.12 build issues
    – Updated the pipewire packaging to better handling building manpages
    – The new upstream version of libffado moved the source code to a subdirectory in the tarball release so I learned about debhelper’s --sourcedirectory option
    – Update ubuntu-unity-settings for the glib transition
  • Cherry-picked a GNOME Tweaks crash fix triggered when user autostart files did not specify an Icon.
  • Our Ubuntu-specific libcamera and pipewire packaging changes were accepted into Debian, making the package able to be autosynced
  • Did some testing around the pristine-tar regression that is fixed in Unstable and noble-proposed now.

In other news

  • Christian Hergert submitted his terminal app Ptyxis for GNOME Incubator. That was required for having permission to use an org.gnome app ID. GNOME Incubator is a staging area for apps that are being worked on for inclusion in either GNOME Core or the GNOME Development Tools—which is what this one was proposed for. Christian’s other apps Builder and D-Spy are examples of apps in this category. These apps are usually not installed by distros by default.