Desktop Team Distro Squad Updates – Monday 27th November 2023

Hi everyone, below you will find updates from the Desktop team’s Distro squad from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse.

Last week’s month’s notes are here: Desktop Team Distro Squad Updates – Monday 30th October 2023

  • The GNOME Shell 45.1 update was pushed to Ubuntu 23.10
  • Started working with Simon on dropping debian/ from the Debian GNOME team .deb packages. The file existed for obsolete reasons and was one extra detail to remember
  • Worked with Amin to finish the gedit 46 transition for Ubuntu 24.04
  • Packaged the GTK4 version of libgnome-games-support and created a libgnome-games-support1 source package for the older GTK3 version
  • Confirmed with the Ubuntu MIR team that we will keep librsvg “vendored” for Ubuntu 24.04 LTS. (librsvg is a Rust library these days.)
  • Fixed liblc3’s failure to build
  • Rebuilds for various transitions
  • Other miscellaneous .deb updates

Other News

  • gnome-video-trimmer is now in Debian and Ubuntu 24.04. This is the 5th Rust+libadwaita app.