Desktop Team Distro Squad Updates – Monday 30th October 2023

Hi everyone, below you will find updates from the Desktop team’s Distro squad from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse.

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Distro Squad Updates – Monday 23rd October 2023

  • Ubuntu 24.04 LTS development has begun
  • The initial autosync triggered a dependency loop among rust-regex packages. Because of the order in which things were built, only ppc64el and riscv64 were affected. Fortunately, Debian had run into this same issue earlier this month so I was able to repurpose their bootstrapping work to fix the widespread uninstallability and inability to build many of the Rust packages.
  • Various other rebuilds etc. to deal with the other updates we got from the initial autosync
  • Worked with the Debian Maintainer to update GNOME Metronome’s package for Rust+libadwaita (the older version in Debian used Vala).
  • Obfuscate and GNOME Tour got accepted into Debian, bringing the total number of Rust+libadwaita packages in both Debian and Ubuntu 23.10 to four. (The fourth app is Helvum.)
  • rust-gstreamer-play also landed in Debian and Ubuntu 24.04 which is a substitute for the deprecated rust-gstreamer-player. I’ve requested the removal of rust-gstreamer-player from Debian and Ubuntu since we won’t be using it any more.
  • Released GNOME 45.1
  • Packaging updates for various GNOME 45.1 apps and libraries
  • mozjs115 was accepted into Debian. Adrian fixed the armel build. (mozjs is the JavaScript engine from Firefox and powers gjs which is used by some parts of GNOME.)
  • Updated the Debian transition bug for GNOME Shell 45 to reflect its current status.
  • Reapplied Samuel Thibault’s a11y patch to Debian Testing and Ubuntu 24.04’s vte2.91 (powers several Terminal apps) after it was fixed to avoid some regressions
  • Excited to attend the second annual Ubuntu Summit later this week! If you aren’t able to visit us in Riga, be sure to sign up now for the free remote registration to have easy access to the live streams of the talks.